Inaugurating my Tivoli GM tomorrow and feeling NERVOUS!

  1. What makes us save a brand-new bag for weeks on end and then, suddenly, decide to take it out of its dustbag, pull the plastic off the brass, and carry the new one? I do not know! What I do know is that earlier this evening I transferred all of my "stuff" from my Damier Speedy 30 to my awesome Tivoli GM, and I am planning to carry her tomorrow. Nothing special going on tomorrow. (Well, my two little sheltie pups are going to the vet in the early AM to get, um, fixed... poor babies, I hope they do fine!) Nobody special I'm seeing. (Except for the 2nd graders in my classroom.) It just suddenly felt like time to do it.

    She's big, she's bold, she's all LV! I'm a little bit scared. Will she fit into my desk drawer while I'm busy at work? Will others notice her and think I am a big LV snob? Will they snicker at how much $$ I must have spent on her? :confused1: Help -- I need confidence!
  2. Oh dear, I feel your anxiety about carrying such a fabulous bag for the first time. I’m always concerned with the corners of my bag getting marked up from trying to fit them in my desk. As for those that who my think you’re a LV snob or snicker at the cost of the bag, I say they are HATER’S. They would love to have this bag and you should walk with you head held high because you are obviously F A B U L O U S.
  3. Enjoy your bag tomorrow! I know I am enjoying my Tivoli PM!
  4. I feel your pain... I not only do this with my new handbags... but with EVERYTHING new I buy.... as a girl who feels your pain... I am going to say... GO FOR IT.... You can do it!! Use that bag tomorrow with pride and enjoy it!! Have a GREAT day!!
  5. tonight i randomly used an lv bag that i havent used in over a i know what you mean
  6. Aawww beth, just enjoy your bag. Don't be nervous. Enjoy it....that's what these beautiful bags are meant for. Pure LV enjoyment. Who cares what others may think. It's YOUR bag and you purchased it with YOUR money so who cares what others may think, just enjoy it and be happy. Congrats, it's a great bag and you have excellent taste.

    PS: Don't forget to baby your puppies. Poor babies.
  7. I agree with alpine1972. She couldn't have said it better.
  8. Congratulations! I was thinking of using my Tivoli PM for the first time tomorrow too. But now I heard it may rain or snow, so I may have to rethink that one. Maybe I'll wait for my new zippy wallet to arrive and use it then.
  9. Dear Beth:

    I hope that you enjoy your bag before Spring! Good luck with the pups.
  10. Take her out girl! I've had mine out since day 1. This bag screams,"Look at me!"-its a hot bag-the brass zipper pull,the sexy pleats and the size are such a sight. I love when people look at me with it and screw them if they think I'm a snob. I think I've got a little more spring in my step when I wear her. Get her out and enjoy the hell out of her-thats why you paid all that money right?
  11. Don't let the haters stop you! The Tivoli is a beautiful bad that needs to be shared with the world lol :biggrin: You can do it!

    p.s I hope your puppies will be okay!
  12. Yeah, listen to everyone on here, don't even give it a second thought. You have earned that bag. And that bag is HOT! I understand your concerns about people at work and your bag, whenever I show up with a new Louis or Mikey (my nickname for michael kors) everyone at work always says that i should have spent my money on something else...(purse haters grr...) And if anyone at work asks how much you spent on it, you don't have to tell them... unless they appreciate a nice bag, just tell them when they ask "i probably spent more than I should have." or "That day was such a whirl wind of shopping that I don't remember" ...That would be a great way to talk about it, without sounding snooty. And congrats on such a GORGEOUS bag! I LOVE the tivoli... but being a guy... i can't really rock a Tivoli! HA HA!

    And I hope your puppies do ok! Poor things!
  13. Congratulations on the inauguration! I simply love Tivoli! Besides, you know all of those haters are wishing on the inside that they had your bag! Enjoy!
  14. yay for Ms. Tivoli! She'll finally get to see the light of day ... lol! Seriously, you'll be fine, as long as you are happy then that's all that matters!
  15. You are going to be rocking a sick bag!!! Who cares what others think... I would think wow she has good taste, I want one!