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  1. everyone knows how the purse forum has around 31000 members?
    well. there are 456 pages of people who havent posted a single thing (for quite some time, i might add..)
    that equals 22,000 people that are inactive. so tpf is sadly not a popular as one might think...only 9000 active members, (and of those, one hundred pages of people who have posted only once!)

    its a small forum after all :smile: lol.
  2. I think there are alot of lurkers...they may not be inactive, just choose not to post.

    I look at two things, alot of time when I read a thread, I will look at users viewing the thread...alot of times there are quite a few people on, that I never see post.

    Also, look at the number of people who have viewed a thread, that is unique users...and that is always alot larger.
  3. True, I used to lurk a loooong time before finally made the move to post something :p
  4. i agree w/ twinkle.tink, there are probably many lurkers.

    i used to be a lurker long before finally taking the plunge and signed up... took me a few months to finally join and participate.
  5. Many forums I've participated in have a year- long policy with lurkers (that are registered members), that is, if the person hasn't posted in a year, their account will be deleted. I think that's a good and fair policy.

    This should be in Feedback, btw.
  6. i agree with tink's theory that most of those people probably lurk.

    i've been a member of quite a few forums over the years. i have WAY less than 50 posts at most of them, but still check them pretty frequently (3x a week or more). heck, i have a forum that i've checked daily for years that i've NEVER posted on. it's VERY intimdating to post in a well established community, especially if you only have a passing interest in the topic or you're just researching. that doesn't change how much i've learned from each of those places.

    i think it's unfair to trivialize the lurkers. everyone has to find their cyber fit. even if a particular place isn't yours, doesn't mean you can't learn from it or enjoy it. i'm just grateful to vlad and megs for creating this place where i finally DO feel comfy enough to post and share. now i can give back to the lurkers what i've gotten from active members all these years. :flowers:
  7. Yep, there must be a few lurkers on there for sure!!! I remember at first, I signed up here and felt a bit shy to just go on and post... I was such a bag newbie :p But now, well, I'm glad I joined :nuts:

    And I have to admit, I read a lot more than I comment... I believe if I commented on every thread I've read, that my post count would be at least twice what it is now :p
  8. I was a lurker when I first joined. I didn't even know that tPF existed for about 1 month, I thought there was only tPB. I did feel intimidated at first
    b/c this is a well-established community, but everyone made me feel welcome. :smile:
  9. cant figure out what this thread is supposed to be about?LOL!
    Lots of peeeps just look in here.when they are ready to post..they will do so..Still a great place to be...posts or no posts
  10. ITA!! I always see a LOT of lurkers.
    Not that that's bad mom is a lurker on a Marie Osmond doll forum lol. She likes to read the new info about the new upcoming dolls etc. but never posts. I thnk she's kind of intimidated to post because of the cliques they have around there..everyone already knows each other, etc. At the beginning when I joined TPF, I lurked and barely posted because of the same reason. I kind of was ignored at first lol.
  11. Hmm. I kind of post. I notice the same people in their their fav. forums. I'm mostly on the LV forum, but I really lurk the Hermes forum, because I think the ladies over there are hilarious lol. nothing but love for them!
  12. You need to be signed in to view pictures and certain threads. So people sign up, eg to see deals and steals, but not necessarily want to participate in discussions.
  13. Heck I have been here over a year, and at the beginning, I only lurked, never posted! So it is intimidating at the begining!

  14. ITA
  15. I think this place has grown since I've been here. I joined in Oct 2006.
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