In your travels, looking for SGH Violet Work

  1. I know some are still floating around at NM and Barneys....

    I passed on one because it was not the one and I wish I could see them before ordering. So to try to save my self a step I am asking for expert help, scouts, spys, friends please...

    If anyone comes across a THICK, rich color, evenly distressed Violet SGH work.... Please pm me the city and store and I will call them immediately. AND if it is perfect and out of this world and you don't mind, ask an SA to hold and I will call them. I know, I really really want one, but I'm picky and I know it and don't want to order them ALL to find the right one.

    Taking a shot in the dark, never know, maybe I'll get lucky.....

    Thank you everyone!:tender:
  2. Please Read The Rules Of The Pf! You Cannot Promote Or Plug Your Own eBay Sales. Thank You.
  3. In Paris I saw one at the Balenciaga store in the Printemps mall (on the first floor)!
  4. ^^thank you.

    C'mon ladies. Anyone make it to their local Neiman's or Barney's and scope it out this weekend?
  5. Try NM San Diego. Ask for Tonya. They had one last time I was there which was a couple of weeks ago. But its worth a call.