In your Opinion

  1. What is your favorite department store that would be classified as high end. This can be anywhere in the world.Thanks for all suggestions guys!
  2. Barneys ... though it doesn't consider itself a department store. Just the Madison Ave location though. I don't know why I don't like the others.
  3. I second that.
  4. I prefer Saks over Neiman Marcus. I think Saks has a more relaxed atmosphere.
  5. Saks. I've only been there once, but loved it when I was there. I can't wait to go again this summer!
  6. Barney's in NYC
  7. Third!:yes:
  8. nordstrom is my very favorite department store in all price ranges, but while it's "high end" for my area, i don't think it's normally viewed that way.

    the saks in portland is really really small. i haven't been very impressed with it. i've never been to the others in person. i like saks and NM online though. :smile: i want to go to harrods, BG and barney's someday...some people have lists of countries to visit, i have lists of stores! :smile:
  9. saks ,neiman ,harvey nichols,harrods,villa moda
  10. Barneys by far. I also like the Saks in Manhattan but some of the other Saks that I have been to aren't very nice.
  11. Saks.
  12. I ADORE Nordstrom and Neimans!
    We're getting Barney's but haven't been there yet!
  13. Saks! Saks! Saks!
  14. Neiman Marcus. I have not set foot in one (yet!) b/c we don't have one in Seattle but online ROCKS! LOVED Harrods too on a very quick trip to London.