In your opinion, most contemporary vs. "vintage" colors for a birkin?

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  1. I am interested in hearing other's views on:

    1. Which color in a birkin strikes you as the most contemporary or modern?

    2. Which color in a birkin strikes you as the most vintage looking, traditional, or old fashioned?

    My take is:

    1. Orange, vert anis, blue jean, etoupe

    2. Black, rouge H, gold, natural, brown
  2. I basically agree with your choices, but think gold is modern looking also (not because it's the color I have), but the way these ladies where it is the reason I liked it. I believe it's classic and can be worn with most things and still looks modern. I have a gold evelyne and everywhere I go I get compliments on the color. I think most people are used to seeing black, brown, red bags, this color looks new to them. But, that's where I live and most people have not seen birkins before.
  3. jedimaster, what an interesting thread. :nuts:

    1. contemporary and modern awards go to
    - parchemin
    - Gris T
    - Etoupe
    - Poussiere
    - Beige
    - Poudre

    2. most vintage and traditional awards go to
    - Black
    - Orange
    - Rouge H
    - Miel
    - Gold
    - Blue Jean

    ^^ Most of these are H's evergreen house colours
  4. Interesting thread! This one's easy for me.

    Traditional: Natural barenia, Vache naturelle
    Modern: Everything else

  5. what a great thread! I would just add cyclamin to the "modern" category and add marron fonce to the classic color list....
  6. I forgot to mention, raisin is very contemporary too.

    PS - by traditional or "old fashioned" I didnt mean anything pejorative at all - I think of modern and traditional as each being good - and even better when they merge, as Charmed05 suggested in the case of gold.
  7. I think of Braise as contemporary.......get back to you on traditional.
  8. I would add Graphite and Ardoise to the contemporary colors.

    I also think Palladium looks more contemporary, while Gold seems more traditional or "vintage".
  9. I pretty much agree with your choices Jedi. While I acknowledge orange and BJ as house staples I still think of them as contemporary colours.

    Raisin too.
  10. You took the words right out of my mouth! Although I would add black to the traditional category.
  11. love this thread!

    gold, black, brown, rouge hermes seem classic/vintage
    etoupe, parchemin, poussiere seem more edgy contemporary
    vert anis, raisin, blue jean, orange seem more "new Hermes" as opposed to the historic Hermes --if this makes sense
  12. agree and add Graphite and the new blue prusse(sp) to the contemporary.
  13. ITA! :yes:
  14. 1. Which color in a birkin strikes you as the MOST contemporary or modern?


    2. Which color in a birkin strikes you as the MOST vintage looking, traditional, or old fashioned?

    Natural barenia.
  15. Contemporary/Modern....any color with palladium hardware

    Vintage/Traditional/Classic...any color with gold hardware