In your opinion, is there such thing as being too old to have a child?

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  1. In your opinion, is there such thing as being too old to have a child? What do you think about this?
  2. Yes, if the person who's pregnant and/or thinking about it feels to old then they are. We all age differently. So, there's no set age. Just when you feel :sick: about running after kids and changing diapers 24.7. Come to think of it at 19 years of age, I feel too old for babies. LOL I think there is an age, but it differs by person/couple...
  3. I wouldn't after 45, I wan't to know I have the possibility to be around (although I know life and god has different plans). My mom had me at 34, she is now 56 and wants grandchildren very badly. I get scared to know I could have had a couple of more years with her but I might not have that opportunity. That's just me
  4. Well, the world's oldest mother doesn't seem to think she was too old !

    And I'm not sure.. I think there are valid arguments for yes and no to this question.
  5. Yea, when you stop dropping those good eggs - you're too old. Age and biology are trying to tell you something.
  6. I have a relative who just told us that she is expecting, and she's 44 (her birthday is before the child is born so she'll be 45). She has two children already, one is 21 and the other is 6.

    For men, I think that they can have kids up to any age, biologically speaking. Personally, I don't know if I would want to have a child so late since as some other people have said, when the child is 25 you'll be 70. However, I had a grandmother who did this as well (she was 45 when her last child was born) and it wasn't that bad for her because her youngest ended up becoming a dentist and was able to support her. My uncle ended up growing up without a father though , my grandfather died when he was 6 from a heart attack.
  7. I was 35 when I had my last child. I never could get pregnant before then had 2 kids in 2 1/2 years. I wouldn't change anything, it worked great for me. But, I hated being pregnant. And I was sick with both - high blood pressure and pre term labor. Bed rest stinks! And the medication for pre term labor made me a crazy woman!

    But my children are my life now. And I love every minute of it!
  8. 35 isn't too old! :biggrin: Especially now in this day and age where everyone is working and finding a career first then getting married/ having children second.
  9. While it does depend on the people, I think probably after 40 I personally would not want a child and think it is a bit old. Obviously there are a lot of people that don't agree. I wouldn't want to be in my 60's when my kids are in their 20s. My bf's father is almost 70 and we're both 23....its hard dealing with the aging issues this young, when you feel pretty helpless, like he can't take his father in or afford help for him on the income of a 23yr old. The issues he's dealing with for his father at this age are what we go through with my grandparents...and I know he really worries about his father's age and age-related issues so that has influenced my opinion.
  10. I had my last when I was 42 and had to return to work two days later, and it was easier than the earlier kids and I think she keeps me very young. We hang out with a couple of other docs who are 32 and we are old enough to be their parents but our 10 year olds are best friends and we all have great parties together. they don't see us anything like their parents.
  11. I don't think it's advisable due to health reasons.

    My aunt tried desperately for a child with her 2nd husband (She's 45 this year.) and went thru the IVF route. She suffered a lot of pain thruout her pregnancy and also almost lost her child as well.
  12. I think it's a valid discussion to be had when having kids.

    My friend's mother died when she was in college at 65. While death can happen at anytime, to bury your own parents when you still need their support (monetarily and emotionally) has got to be an unbearable burden.
  13. I personally wouldn't have a child after 35 (have none yet). My grandmother did at 37 and had a child with Down's syndrome. She was also on bedrest and the pregnancy overall was high risk. Even though my uncle is a total blessing and we love him so there are just too many health risks.
  14. I dont want to have a child too late in life, or I'll most likely be dead before they really grow up. I'd want to have as long a time as possible with them :biggrin:
  15. I think that it is a very personal decision. I am in my mid-30's,have no children yet,but we are now trying. Things have worked out well for me...I studied for a *very* long time and then worked on my career,travelled and partied etc. I am now ready and hope it works out.

    I would like to have one child before I am 40.

    I am very aware of the health risks involved and that scares me a little...but I don't see that I would have been ready for motherhood earlier.

    Other people I know had their children young and are looking forward to doing other things when they leave home. Unto each their own,I say.

    I agree though that parents over 45 probably don't have the energy for a very young child,but that may be an individual thing.

    It's so hard to make blanket policies for other people. I shudder at the thought of having been a mom at 20 or 21...but for other women this is their joy,so....more power to them I say.