in your opinion, do i need BOTH the neverfull and palermo gms?

  1. i have the neverfull gm for overnights, when i need a big bag, etc. and i really love it- i like that it can change shape and it's come in pretty handy. (also it balances me out since i am so big right now!) i have the palermo gm for when i have the 2 children, so i can be hands free and so i have enough room to carry stuff. i need to exchange the palermo, but should i return it? both bags are pretty versatile bags, but do i need two large bags? sorry to bug you all with this... any opinions would be appreciated!
  2. I would keep the palermo - Much prettier, zip top and all that. I personally don't care for the Neverful at all. I wouldn't think you would need both - it would be two oversize totes in the same mono print. If you want an open tote, I think the Batignolles Horizontal is much more expensive looking and much richer.
  3. I like the Palermo better too with the zip top and 2 kids!
  4. personally, I wouldn't keep both. I'd keep the palermo.
  5. I'd just keep the Neverfull-I have a 3yr old and its very handy with the open top and being able to just reach in and grab. Its great for overnights and shopping trips.
  6. Sounds like you have a good purpose for having both ... I'd keep them if you like 'em both ... I have the Neverfull GM and only use it for my laptop and other work-related stuff, and for overnight trips like you do. Although I don't have the Palermo, I'm thinking of getting the PM ... I love the versatility of the shoulder strap!
  7. Do you already have the neverfull and think of adding the Palermo?
    If you already have the neverfull, I do not think I would buy the Palermo. They are both oversize totes in the same mono pattern. If you do not have the neverfull I would wait and buy one in the damier ebene when it is released and buy the Palermo now this way you have 2 totes in different patterns.
  8. I love the Palermo...not a fan of the Neverfull. If you already have the Neverfull and would prefer the Palermo, I'd sell it.
  9. Not a true fan of the Neverfull. The Palermo can be hands free, so I think you should keep this, pus a zip top!
  10. I'd definitely keep both! They're different bags for different purposes!
  11. Not a fan of the palermo.. I think the Tivoli would be a nice addition diffrent style..lovely bag!
  12. I'd keep it... it's always good to have two big bags so you can switch 'em out every now and then!
  13. I wanted both at first, still kinda do.. I have the Palermo GM, and a Goyard St. Louis GM, which is like the Neverfull, but different. So I might get the Neverfull GM, but in the future. I think you should keep both, the Neverfull for everyday, and the Palermo when you want to play =]
  14. I'd keep one of the two and get another bag! Do you like any of the newer styles that are coming out? Maybe one of those?
  15. I wouldn't keep both...I would just keep the Neverfull....I like the way it looks a lot better than the palermo.