In your fashion house customer service?

  1. So I am in the market for a new bag (haha like always, right). I don't tend to like to buy high-end bags anywhere but from the actual boutique and I need your opinion. I had an unfortunate event occur with a Chloe and their customer service was beyond reprehensible and I honestly probably will not buy from them again. So, in your opinion which fashion "house" will back up their bags 100% and help with your problems (even though there shouldn't BE any with the amount we spend.) So I need your venting or your praising about Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi and brands along those lines.
  2. Nobody has an opinion on any of these? I find that hard to believe!
  3. I doubt anyone is great all the time. It took me YEARS to go back to Hermes, and I've spent thousands since a great sales associate picked up the phone when I called. I lucked out there.

    I've had both good and bad service at LV, Ferragamo, Bally (leaning more toward bad), just depends on which sales associate you get.

    It's quite sad that brands don't realize how ONE negative experience can turn away a customer, and as you always learn in business school, people with a negative impression talk about it more than those with positive thoughts.
  4. Honestly, you're going to find both good and bad service at all of the higher end brands. The best thing to do is cultivate a relationship with a SA at your favorite stores/brands so that you are taken care of. I've heard some bad things about Bal's customer service, but I've been working with Kim at Bal NY and she has been fantastic (and I'm pretty insistent on being treated fairly - am in the media sales industry myself). In the dept store area, Nordstrom by far has the best service and I think NM and Saks need to really work on theirs - I rarely shop there because of it. I also have to say, that in Las Vegas the service is pretty darned good at all the high end retail stores - I've noticed that when I've shopped there while on vacation.
  5. it just depends on the sales associate, i've had good and bad service. why do fashion houses not understand customer service? an luxury item should always have great service, we pay for it. the only place i get consistent good service is Nordstroms. i love them.
  6. I think that small shops have good customer service because they don't sell as much.
    Having said that, I have walked into some boutiques wearing jeans (maybe looking a bit scruffier than usual) and have been ignored. This happens in Paris often I am told. I went into a designer shop in Paris and all I got by way of "service" was a large, scary man following me around the store!!

    I am a Mulberry girl myself and cannot fault the level of service I have gotten from them. But Mulberry is not bling enough for some people I know!
    I also adore the Chloe girls at Selfridges, they are sweet and not to up the nose IYKWIM.
  7. I think Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès have good customer service in general.
  8. Sad to say but I rarely get good customer service from any fashion house. Or even fair customer service for that matter.
  9. If I had to choose between high end purchases at a boutique vs. Nordstrom, Nordstrom would win every time!!!!
  10. I definitely, definitely agree about buying from Nordstrom. Unfortunately, there are some brands that are not available there. If it were up to me, I would buy everything there!
  11. That makes 3 of us. I love Nordstrom's!! The sales people in every department are impeccable.
  12. I also it depends on the location of the boutique...there are probably good SA's and bad SA's at each location. I do agree, that Nordstrom's has very good customer service though!
  13. love the fact i can dress like a bum at nordstroms and still get good service!!
    other places just stare you down. yay for nordstroms!!