in your experience, does the embossed leather scratch/scuff easily?

  1. When I went to the store last week, I couldn't help but notice that the mini skinnys were scratched up on display. Was that just because they were handled so much? Or would a simple leather cleaner and conditioner take care of it?
  2. I have a white leather mini & use it everyday & mine doesn't have any scratches. Were they the vintage leather minis b/c those I think are supposed to have that uses look to them???
  3. Hope the embossed holds up because I bought a lot of it last week. LOL
  4. ^^Ooooh! Post picts please!
  5. or dont tell me you did and i totally missed that thread.
  6. I haven't taken any pics yet, but I will this weekend. One of the things I'm taking back -- the mahogany pouch -- because it's just too darn small to be practical. That's the downside of pre-ordering and having it shipped, I guess. But at least I know Coach will never give me crap about returning anything, as long as I have my receipt (and I do!).

    The Stacie embossed leather loafers are *amazingly* comfortable. I love them so much that I would go buy another pair in black (mine are tobacco) at full price if I could afford it at all.