IN with the Black City GGH 07! out with the 08

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  1. this gorgeous bag has finally arrived! chevre!

    i opened it before i left for work at lunchtime so can't take pix til tonight!

    i went to barneys nyc and returned the 08 today!

    So happy with the new bag and can't wait to take her out this weekend!

    will post pix asap
  2. tell us how you found the 07 GGH black city !!!
  3. ooh congratulations! can't wait to see
  4. it was from barneys they found it on a shelf LEFTOVER!
    so i had them send it to me immediately
    and when it safely arrived today i went over there and returned
    the 08 that i bought last week!

    don't get me wrong BOTH are gorgeous but i wanted to have at least ONE of my bags from different season!


    now all i need is a GGH AMETHYST city or part time and a BLACK GGH PARTTIME
  5. I'm so glad you exchanged the '08 to '07. Congrats, that's hard to find. I can't wait to see some pics & some modelling. I'm so in love w/ MINE;)
  6. I found a 07 black city with GGH at Barney's too!! The leather is amazing compared to my 08's!!! I see no signs of green or fading.....I had to put black polish on my 08 city with GSH. It looks great now, but it stinks when you have to do that to a $1800 bag.'ll definitely love this 07 leather.
  7. there must be a lot of those "sitting around" local barneys across the country - this is the 2nd or 3rd time i've heard this same story :yes:

    congrats, 07 bags are the bomb :wlae:
  8. Congrats! A great find! Looking forward to seeing pics.:heart:
  9. Please post pics soon and also tell us what the difference is between this '07 and the '08 you returned!
  10. Congrats gingarita! :yahoo: Cant wait to see pics!
  11. pictures please!!! :smile:
  13. want pics!!!!!
  14. :popcorn::useless:
  15. ok i am back (went to see marc anthony at foxwood!)

    here are some pix of my beautiful baby

    soo smooshy and soft like SILK

    more pix coming
    JAN MISC 09 153.jpg

    JAN MISC 09 159.jpg

    JAN MISC 09 164.jpg

    JAN MISC 09 154.jpg

    JAN MISC 09 161.jpg