In Which Forum/ Album?

  1. I'm just wondering in which forum should I post my bags' pics? Should I make an album at the Bag Showcase? Or, should I make a thread at each designer's respective sub-forums? Fyi, I will not make reveals but more of a collection thread... Like "bags in action thread", specifically.

  2. Bag Showcase

    Unless you have the time to start a thread in each forum :smile:
  3. Bag Showcase please :yes:
  4. Yep!!
  5. By that, do you mean - I could make both Bag Showcase AND in each sub forums?

    Please clarify, thanks much! :smile:
  6. You can, but it's a lot more work especially if you want to try and keep up w/ people commenting.
    For example if you have 4 LV items and 6 Coach items you can post an LV collection thread in LV and a Coach collection thread in Coach. It's easier in Bag Showcase IMO though especially if you want to not have to search out several threads to keep up w/ comments.
  7. Thanks, that makes sense... :smile: