In which Clinic should I go if I want multiple surgerys (V-Line, Rhino, Zygoma)

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  1. I read in this Thread :

    But I want 3 surgerys... So there are any surgeons that are specialized in V-Line, Rhinoplasty and Zygoma reduction? Or will the surgerys performed by 3 different doctors? Should I do the surgerys in different clinics? If not, which clinic is the best for these 3 surgerys combined?
  2. I am also looking for clinics for rhinoplasty and facial contouring. I hope someone can recommend some.
  3. Hi, I am also going for V line, Rhinoplasty and zygoma. Probably in same trip ^^ V line and zygoma people often do in one go. Because its both facial contouring :smile:

    I have emailed clinics and they say you can do them in one operation. However, for safety (and because I will know my new nose shape better once I know what my face looks like lol) I am getting rhino done a week after facial contouring. When the swelling goes down and stitches come out.

    If you did them in one operation you would have to use the same clinic. I am probably going with different surgeries. Some clinics are better for different things. For example DAPRS, which is on my list, Dr Lee who set up the clinic is famous for facial contouring. I hear the rhinoplasty surgeon is rubbish though and several girls dont like their new nose.

    MVP is my top choice for rhino.. for facial contouring are you going for a natural face or really ullzang "dolly" look? Cos I have heard different clinics do one or the other better lol.
  4. I had double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and sliding genioplasty at JW. I'm satisfied with my eyes and chin but still have mixed feelings about my nose, but that's from more from an aesthetics standpoint (probably my fault for not being clear enough about what I wanted).

    I think Dr. Lee (fc) and Dr. Suh (rhino) are both extremely well-qualified and renown surgeons in their respective fields and would recommend JW as a very SAFE clinic to go to, as I have had no negative side effects from the surgery (currently 2 months post-op). As rhino and fc are both very invasive surgeries, safety was my number one priority and I haven't experienced any side effects.

    However, whether you think JW can achieve your desired look is a different story and only you can determine that through consultations with the doctors as I think JW's general preference is towards very natural results.
  5. May I ask does JW gears to more "dolly" result or "natural" result?
  6. They are definitely more natural