In what ways are you frugal?

  1. I was shopping at the 99 cent store when I overheard a young lady tell her friend that my Chanel bag is had to be because we were at the 99 cent store :P

    Yes, I love my Chanel, but I also shop at the 99 cent store. I enjoy the treasure hunt and get a thrill from scoring fresh organic fruits and vegetables for my family. My husband enjoys treasure hunting at Costco.

    I also shop at Old Navy. I have 3 children who are constantly outgrowing their clothes, and Old Navy is my favorite go to for affordable basics (for myself too).

    How about you?
  2. The person who made that comment is out of touch. I don't know too many people who shop head to toe designer. Its much more fun to mix high and low to keep things interesting and affordable! I love Costo and Homegoods. Living in LA, I go to warehouse sales all the time and find new things at 75-90% off. I also love Estate Sales!
  3. I went to my first estate sale last year. It was so fun!
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  4. I spend a lot on my bags and shoes, but when it comes to clothing, a part from jeans since those tend to get pricey, my favorite store is Urban Outfitters, and I love flea markets. I also buy things from Forever 21 too! I definitely agree that mixing things from high to low in price range is best :smile:
  5. Love H&M for me and for my baby...
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    I spend a lot on bags, but most of my jewelry is just trendy, inexpensive fashion pieces. I also buy from DSW for shoes a whole lot more than designer.
  7. I save for a very long time haha. Paychecks always have to go to grad school, retirement, savings, etc and a tiny bit has to go to the bag fund which means I have to wait and be patient heh
  8. People can be ridiculous! My Chanel bags go with me wherever I go...high end boutiques and great restaurants as well as Walmart and the dollar store!
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  9. I will shop anywhere, really. I buy whatever suits me and don't really care about the price nor brand. We moved to Bangkok a few years ago. Here you can find some pretty clothes at weekend markets for just $10 each! I also love Daiso, the Japanese 100 Yen store.
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  10. Once held up a line at Walmart using coupons for feminine products. Saving those quarters for things that never go on sale. Looking at you...LV.
  11. i post my action shots from bingo halls, the dollar store, walmart, wherever. no shame in being frugal and taking the bag to thrifty places. the thrift store is one of my fave places to look for vintage items.
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  12. I'm absolutely frugal. I use coupons and discounts whenever I can. I don't wear designer clothing. 95% of the time, I purchase my clothing on sale. I don't see wasting money. I enjoy bags and travel and put my value there. I'm allergic to all jewelry that isn't at least 18k gold (my skin literally bleeds with less), so needless to say, my jewelry pieces are limited. With designer bags, you're really 'damed if you do, damed if you don't'. People will either think the bag is fake or they will mock you for 'wasting' money on such a piece. At least that's the case where I live. Which is why you must find your own happiness and worry not about what people say or think about your belongings.
  13. I'm frugal in every way.. I purchase where my dollar goes the farthest. It's all relative, being frugal doesn't equal cheaply made or inferior products. My children get irritated with me, because before I purchase I want to know if I'm paying more than I need to. I've ordered all of my kitchen appliances from various vendors and had the purchases shipped to me, and have paid hundreds less (on each item including shipping) than my local stores offered. I can't stand throwing money away... Yet some may think spending on designer goods, like Chanel or Hermes is a waste... or luxury vehicles. I am happy, that's what matters.
  14. I would be willing to bet that the people who were discussing your Chanel bag have never seen one in person let alone own one. Haters gon' hate. I also have sons and am constantly buying clothes (yes Old Navy, The Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Target, wherever they are cute and cool) so I understand having balance in life. Hold your head high as you check out in line and know your getting good "cost per wear" from your bags and that these people are jealous and/or unhappy-why else talk about others so they can hear. I have to explain to my son why kids pick on each other at school for the same reasons. ☺️
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  15. Was standing in CVS today wearing Chanel and Hermes with a fistful of coupons, making sure the cashier applied all of them properly. Few things in shopping are as satisfying as saving $20 on my CVS bill!