In what metals are made the Chanel CJs ?


Jun 5, 2012
Hi ladies, i'm wondering that question for a while.
The SA at Chanel weren't able to answer me.
So does anybody know about this ?
And does the metal contain nickel or any other allergens?

I've felt on some Chanel CJs that I like a lot. But considering that it's not even precious metal and that the SA weren't even able to know the nature of the métal,
I dont feel safe and worth it to buy.
So until now I've always passed when saw things that I liked :sad:


May 3, 2010
I don't know the composition of the metal used

But I can tell you that Me and especially my mother both have very strong allergy to nickel......but We both never had problems with our chanel necklaces
And neither any problem of black colour transfer on the skin!
They are also very easy to maintain...easy to be cleaned.....I usually do it with the special tissue for sunglasses!

Go for that!
you will love it....I can tell you that Now I really have an addiction for chanel necklaces even more than for bags!......
moreover I never find gold jewels so particular And beautiful like chanel CJs!
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