In Treatment

  1. OMG is anyone else totally addicted to this show?
  2. Yes!! I am hooked on this series. :p
  3. I am so addicted to this show! Now that 'The Wire' is over, 'In Treatment' is my new love!!!!!!!!
  4. I am on Spring Break and have totally become addicted. I watch it every night. Its completely fascinating. I am going to have to set my dvr to record the series.
  5. totally addicted!
  6. Gabriel Byrne makes my knees weak.
  7. oh no i just saw monday nites episode :sad:
  8. I can not believe Alex died. Who thinks he killed himself??
  9. season 2 starts tomorrow nite!
  10. YES! I am! And I cannot wait for the new season that starts tomorrow!
  11. What is it? what channel?
  12. OMGosh, I just saw the promo on HBO. This is the greatest show!!!
  13. This show is the best! Anybody else watching?
  14. I think he killed himself. He couldn't live with himself over the bombing and it ruined everything else in his life.

    I watched April, Oliver and CEO and the Gina episodes tonight. Don't know if I am still feeling the love for this show. It is very soap operish. We'll see how it goes...
  15. Who watched the latest episode where Gina and Paul talked about his Dad
    and then he went to visit his Dad in the hospital?

    I absolutely wept :crybaby: BIG TIME!