In Treatment *HBO*

  1. New Series to debut January 28th. 5 nights a week. Different patient everynight. Sounds like HBO - groundbreaking.

  2. I'm looking forward to this. I love him.
  3. Sign me up for Night I love both of them, especially Blaire! :yes:
  4. I can't wait for this series. He is so sexy!
  5. This is such a fantastic show! Is anyone watching?
  6. My husband is. He says it takes a bit to get into it but LOVES It. I noticed on HBO inDemand they have a few little vignettes that explain all of the characters. I think the next time I'm bored at night I will give it a try.

    Right now I am so OBSESSED with THE WIRE! I don't think anybody here watches it but it is by far the best TV show ever broadcasted.
  7. not interested, like the wire better