In Touch Mag has last photos taken of Anna Nicole son, Daniel

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    The new issue of In Touch Weekly with the last photos of Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel hits newsstands today. In the magazine they say Daniel had prescriptions for the anti-depressant Lexapro and the sleeping pill Ambien for the past two months. They quote a pharmacist who said that taking the two drugs together and the build up in his system over time could have and contributed to his death. Anna's friend Howard K. Stern confirmed to E! News Wednesday that doctor's found the two prescription drugs in Daniel's system, although not at levels that could have caused his death. He also added that that the first of three toxicology tests performed on Daniel turned up no traces of illegal substances in his bloodstream.

    It all still remains a strange mystery...
    Source: InTouch Weekly

    posted by Tabloid Whore! at 9/21/2006