In Today, Out Tomorrow

  1. There's a lot of money riding on your shoulder (or the crook of your arm). Which bags do you consider timeless, and which ones do you think will be outdated within a year or two?
  2. Timeless:
    Hermes - all bags
    Gucci - Jackie O bag
    Judith Lieber - all evening bags
    Chanel - classic flap bag
    Bottega Veneta - ball bag
    Prada - daino zip top hobo
    Ferragamo - Marissa bag
    Fendi - zucchino mama baguette
    LV - mono Speedy, BH, BV

    outdated in a year or two:
    Chloe Paddington and Edith
    most Coach bags
    hopefully not the Fendi Spy ... too soon to tell if it's going to be timeless
  3. all hermes bags I own I think will be timeless.. my gucci tote, ferragamo red bag, and several more...... oh yeah, my Edith...
  4. Adding ones I haven't seen on the list yet

    Marc Jacobs Stella, Sophia, Blake, Venetia

    More Trendy:
    Botkier & Kooba bags
    Marc Jacobs Stam

    Not that this is a value judgement. I think it's important to have a mix of timeless and trendy in one's collection. Also with the speed at which designers bring back styles (witness Marc Jacobs showing grunge this Fall a scant 13 years after he first introuced it) you can put those trendy bags in storage for a little while and then pull them out as "fresh" all over again!
  5. Yup, what they said - sad but true. ;)

  6. oooh great thread! :smile:
  7. Timeless: Hermes (Birkin/Kelly), Chanel flap (2.55)

    Gone tomorrow: pretty much everything else, although I think the major design houses will stay and come up with new designs periodically
  8. Alot of LVs are already considered timeless....and although I dont get the Hermes bags at all...they also will be timeless b/c it is the mostly this same one design that is boxy with a clasp...:yes: Also the Balenciga bags seems to be like it can qualify too b/c of its simple design...:smile:
  9. You think the Paddy? I don't own one, because I can't imagine using it much. But I love it! If you are right, maybe I can pick one up on the secondary market some day, and it won't matter if I use it much... :graucho:
  10. The Paddington will? looks so nice and is conservative enough to stay in style. I think that if they made it out of non-distressed leather (so that it becomes more rigid) it can be in style a lot longer.
  11. I agree for the most part...very few timeless bags, I might include LV as well as the bags do not go on sale and are generally repeated across seasons...
  12. I think different colours will be hot at different times. Now I see grey as the fresh colour for fall, so chocolate, cognac, beige, and cream might be seen as dated in a year or 2.
  13. Timeless:
    All Hermes classic bags (Kelly, Birkin, etc..)
    YSL Muse
    Chanel classic flap bags
    LV Epi Alma

    Chloè paddington
    most Gucci, Fendi, LV monogram bags
  14. I agree botkier and kooba will not be sadly, Chanel, Hermes, Vuitton and Fendi (hopefully the Spy) will stay timeles..
    What about the YSL Muse though? I am hoping it stays timeless.. and Balenciaga too..
  15. not to be the naysayer, which I am alot, but I hope that brands like Botkier or Kooba can rise to the level of an "American Classic". It's time to build some new brands. would be great to see