In the throes of a shoe crisis...

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  1. I loooove shoes, and I looooove a nice heel. However, I am 5'4" and DF is only 5'7", so I don't have much wiggle room to work with here! :lol: I don't mind if I am taller than him in heels, but I think it makes him feel a bit awkward and it is a little odd, I'll admit it.

    I can get around the issue with ballet flats and wear my heels to work and dinner with girlfriends, but I'd just love to find a cute pair (or two or three or four) of shoes that do have a tiny heel and can go with a lot of clothes in my wardrobe (which consists of 70% J. Crew and 30% Banana and Anthropologie to give you an idea of my taste). Plus, I am sick of ballet flats. They make me feel too close to the ground. :lol:

    I would love to feel cute from my head down to my toes and not just my head down to my ankles, so any suggestions are welcome...and TIA. :flower:

    (Ok, so maybe crisis is a bit of an exaggeration, but I do need some serious help!)
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  3. I think you should check out choose "shoes" and then type in "kitten heels." It will give you a huge selection of low heeled shoes that you might like :flowers:.
  4. kitten heels are exactly what I was thinking - or 2 inch sling backs - or shoes with a small wedge.
  5. Thank you!! I have never been to that site before and just did a search for kitten heels. I found SOOOO many cute pairs!