in the restroom...


Mar 15, 2006
when you go to a public restroom, where do you put your handbag (particularly handheld bags like the speedy) when you're washing your hands??

for me, i don't want any part of the bag touching the wet or dirty sink, so i end up squishing it between my knees! :blink: what do you ladies do?? maybe there's a better way! :lol:
Sanguar said:
between my knees! When I am actually going, if it's a shoulder bag, I hang it on my neck. HAHA.

Too funny !! :amuse:

I've never experienced difficulty with this, since I actually don't own any handheld bags. :shame: With wrislets, I can usually jam it partially into a pocket, or at least stuff into my shirt while I'm washing my hands.
I'm lucky I have a stroller 99% of the time, the other 1% I try to pick the sink that is the least wet, then I put down a couple of paper towels or hold it between the knees.