In the nude.

  1. I love the way nude lipsticks look however I don't want one to look like concealer on lips. I love the way Victoria Beckhams lips look in nude lipsticks. Can anyone recommend a good nude lipstick or gloss?

    I appreciate your resonses.
  2. NARS Belle du Jour, and MAC C-Thru lipgloss are both very un-concealorish!
  3. I really love this color and it is rather nude. Chanel's Rose Quartz. It is the long lasting type with the gloss attached to the tube. It is a fantastic color!
  4. I agree w/ Annie, M.A.C has some fab ones! I have one in the Lip Glass, I can't remember the name though! :-0
    ALso, Bobbie Brown has one, I *think* it's called Brown Sugar. It's a PERFECT tone for almost everyone!
  5. I love nude lip colors. My favorites are MAC lipglass in C-thru, which is probably the best nude gloss I've ever tried, and Chai (which has more color than C-thru, but it's still nice). I also like MAC lipsticks in Siss and Lovedust. I have medium/olive skin, so the nude shades I use tend to be a tiny bit darker.
  6. Thanks, so do I. Maybe it will be good for me. I am going to take a list of your advice with me.
  7. Those colors should work well if your skin tone is similar to mine. I usually to line my lips with a nude liner (also by MAC), put a small amount of the Lovedust shade on, then top it with a thin coat of C-thru for shine. Had to practice a few times, but I eventually got it right :biggrin:
  8. MAC High Tea

    Chanel Baby Gold

    Bobbi Brown Beige lip color and gloss
  9. Yes, M.A.C. lipgloss in Nude (don't remember the name) is fabulous. I wear it all the time- day or night-. They also have a lipliner in the sme "nude" shade if you want.
  10. Bobbi Brown in beige..then put Stila lip polish in Sheen over it....AMAZING!!
  11. Almay has a nice shade called "Sugar".
  12. I don't have the color here but I LOVE Chantecaille lipsticks.
  13. Oooohh..... this is a good one. I used this combo for years!

    Now I just use the Stila lip Glaze, some good nude ones are Banana and Mocha.....and they smell so good and arent goopy like MAC lip glass.
  14. Flirt "Nude Envy Plushious" lip gloss or "Passion Potion" Squeeze Me tube @
  15. i like MAC in lust or the jellybabe in the sof tube.