in the news: homeless man set on fire

  1. Anyone know the details? Yesterday in the Bronx, a homeless man was set on fire by 3 males ( teenagers/adults??) and 75% of his body was suffered third degree burns.I am disgusted by what people are capable of!!!
    Does anyone know if any tv station or organization is trying to raise money to help pay for his medical bills?? I know sometimes they mention a website you can visit or phonenumber you can call but I heard this from someone else so I don't know.

  2. That is disgusting, but I hear not too rare in the US among young males?
  3. leave the poor homeless people alone. :sad:
  4. While stuff like this gets a lot of press, it is not like every male who is under 25 is out doing this sort of thing here in the US. That's why we're disgusted by incidents like this, too.
  5. I guess that's what uneducated, moral-less imbeciles do with their time nowadays.
  6. It sounds like 3 teenage boys need a taste of their own damn medicine, light them up, let them have a taste, guarantee they will be saints for the rest of their lives after that
  7. What a horrible tragedy...
  8. I don't understand why they can do such cruel thing to a harmless man. Makes me mad and upset when I read this kinda news.
  9. that's so horrible and sad. People don't have any conscience these days. People can be so terrible. I believe we are all our worst enemy in society.
  10. quite true..
  11. I wish there was a I way I could add to the reward that they're offering. Although many many horibble things happen everyday, I can't get this off my mind!! He had a family too. My question is how could his sons let him be homesless on the streets?? I know alcoholoism tears families apart but it breaks my heart:s
  12. Those boys are monsters. How can anyone do such a thing? Clearly people who do such things should be locked up for their whole lives so that we can be spared their presence in society.
  13. OMG! What a horrible tragedy, that poor man! What scum to do this!