In the news: "Battle of the Bags" NYers love the Longchamps Le Pliage

  1. Thanks for the post. Interesting article.
  2. Interesting article. I really like my Pliage bag.
  3. Thank you coco-nut!
  4. thanks for the article...i love my Longchamp le pliage...I need to use it more often:shame:
  5. I love mine! The straps are so comfy!
  6. this article inspired me to look around and notice how many women were wearing this bag...and I agree, it seems like everyone is wearing this.

    Maybe I will get one in gray...
  7. That was a cute article. I have both the long champ and herve bags and they are both very durable.
  8. It's very common, especially in Europe - I see a lot of them there.