In the Name of Profit

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  1. First of all, I am really pissed off right now because I've had it with LV's 'quality' charade.
    If the quality is so immaculate, then why are my new LVs looking like I've had them for ages? I treat my bags/wallets like extra limbs, so why is it that only my LVs are getting damaged and looking more and more sickly with every day/week? Stuff I have from other designers are in near-perfect condition, but there is always something wrong with not one, but each of my LV pieces. For example:

    1. The brass always tarnishes. In the case of the locks, if not cleaned in time, will result in blackened leather.

    2. Vachetta. Outrageously fragile and sensitive. I am never able to feel comfortable carrying something with vachetta. There are a kazillion ways to ruin it without even trying. It rains, you're dead. You sweat, oh dear. You even have to choose your handcreams carefully because God forbid this whiny brat of a leather does not like it.

    3. Scratching. Again, another issue with the brass. My wallet is brand-spanking new as I have had it for less than a month now. Tell me why the brass button snap closure is scratched up to the point where it's not really even shiny anymore. There are no pointy objects in my bag, nor anything else that would explain the extent of the scratches.

    Here is my $0.02:

    If LV is going to charge customers an arm and a leg for their products, then they better start giving us the quality they promise and claim to deliver. For the price of their goods, they should AT LEAST be giving us GOLD-PLATED brass or metal, not BRASS. JUICY COUTURE's friggin gold-plated charm bracelets sell at something like $35 for crying out loud. You're telling me that LV can't even give us gold-plated metal/brass when we pay how much? The amount of brass on an average LV bag (like a Speedy) is merely a fraction of the amount of brass needed to make a Juicy Couture charm bracelet.

    Sounds like LV is trying to pocket as much profit as they could. Sorry if that means cheating us of the semi-good stuff. Essentially we are left with the name, because besides the 'rare' goat-skin and a few other seemingly precious materials, everything else does not cost that much in the first place. Of course there's special labour involved to get that precision, but that should not boost the product's price up by a few hundred bucks. It's a corporation alright, and it's brand identity is what we are paying the most for.
  2. Sorry, but I have to disagree. I love all my LVs and I honestly do believe that they are quality items. It sounds like you've had some bad luck, but I don't agree everyone here buys Louis Vuitton for the brand itentity.
  3. i too have to disagree. everything you mentioned is characteristics of the materials they use. vachetta has been a part of the line for decades. if you don't like it, don't buy vachetta bags. brass tarnishes. if you don't like it, don't buy the bags with locks. LV chooses not to gold plate their items because i believe that will show more wear with time than brass. brass will always shine back up to its former glory with a little polish. scratching happens with all bags. seriously. things will show wear and tear with use. same with all brands.
  4. Yeah definitely not.

    To the OP, if you're disappointed with the quality, take them back and ask what can be done. One Pfer had her zipper chipping (from a wallet she bought last year) and they replaced the whole wallet.
    Don't write LV off just yet. Try some other options, you'll find something you're satisfied with eventually.
  5. im sorry you've had such bad luck with lv's
    but i must disagree as well. i have quite a few designer bags and i must say i baby my lv's the least and they're probably in better condition than my other bags (which i baby).
  6. My other bags are older than my LVs and they are in almost immaculate condition. I think the materials they use are very important and reflect the company as a whole. After all, the materials are what essentially make up the product. Otherwise, what are you really buying it for?
  7. I'm sure 99.9% of you will disagree with me and that's fine. Everyone in here is very much in love with the brand and of course with stick to it no matter what. Your opinions are just as biased as mine. However, I am/was(?) a consumer of their products so I was in love with their stuff too. But I overruled that love when they disappointed me time after time.
  8. I have had a few quality control problems with LV, all brands go thru this at some point, I do agree with the brass, I hate when it tarnishes!!! But the bags I have have been great. epi is so durable and looks great and easy to mantain. Try that line, they have a nice range of bags,no vacheta ect...
  9. There are many other materials you can buy if you're unhappy with one certain type. I have my mom's old Speedy from about 17 years ago that's still in great condition and I still use it. Yes the brass lock is tarnished, yes the vachetta is patina-ed. But vachetta can be replaced and brass can be shined up. LV is excellently made compared to other brands, all brands have their problems and LV isn't exempt from that. No bag will ever be perfect and stay looking just like the day you bought them if you use them regularly. You do what you can but they won't stay perfect forever and you can't expect them to. I can honestly say that in my time of owning my own LV items, I have only had one minor problem which was quickly remedied by the store itself.

    In addition, If LV was so inferior compared to other brands, it wouldn't have been around for as long as it has been.
  10. but they're just the characteristics of them. they are top quality materials in my opinion. LV chooses to leave their cowhide leather untreated. i believe patina gives LV character, but if you don't like patina don't buy those bags. it's as simple as that. i think you are thinking the vachetta makes the bags look beat-up. that's an opinion. i do think it adds an age factor, but my LV bags that do not have vachetta look to be in "immaculate" condition. the vachetta does not degrade the quality of the materials or the bag in anyway.
  11. Actually I like the brass as it is, cos I'd like it to mature gradually, hehe. If it's tarnishing too soon like the 2 months you've mentioned, then something is wrong with the product. Maybe there is something wrong with this batch of brass they have produced and LV should look into the quality their sub contractors are delivering...
  12. Well said. :yes: :yes:

    Everything that I had in mind to say has already been covered, so I don't want to sound like a broken record. Maybe you should try other lines before you give up completely on LV. Maybe bags with vachetta + you weren't meant to be? :shrugs: Or perhaps next time you get a bag with vachetta, use a leather protector to help you not get the vachetta dirty fast or accelerate the patina process?
  13. I must say that in the past 7-8 years, I have seen some quality control issues with LV. One specific problem I have with my LVs purchased after the year 2000 is that the stitching falls apart or breaks more easily. My 3 LVs purchased in '94, '96, and '99 are fine. Even a wallet I received in 2002-3 had stitches that broke on the corner. :sad: This worries me but I still can't stop purchasing.
  14. LVMH has shareholders, who want to see profit. I do not doubt that the bags are a bit overpriced, and that they really care about making a profit and keeping the shareholders happy. However I have to disagree with your comment about them putting profit over quality. New vachetta is such a pain, but once it has aged, and becomes less vulnerable to stains, it is absolutely beautiful, and durable. As far as the materials go, I have wondered for quite some time why LV does not gold plate hardware. I guess its a case of not fixing something that isn't broken. My grandmother's speedy still looks good. When my aunt found it, she polished the brass, and conditioned the leather. It now looks even better than mine.

    P.S I'm sorry about your bad experience with LV.
  15. I think she meant that when we pay premium, it's mostly going towards brand identity i.e. the name, instead of quality. She didn't say that was the reason for buying Louis Vuitton. :smile:

    I do appreciate LV, its history and their designs. But with that being said, I think the price probably covers more than enough of the materials and labor. It IS a corporation (read Dana Thomas' Deluxe-note though that I've had the same opinions before I even read excerpts of the book) and will strive to make more profit. As with many luxury brands, the high price comes from both the inputs for making the item, such as labor and quality materials, and the image that comes with it. How else do companies market a lot of luxury items anyway?