In the minority and not wanting the Pochette Metis.

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  1. I’m an attorney so I like it’s professional look. I don’t carry a lot at all. Checked my main boxes... must have a top handle, cannot be wide bag at the base, must be able to wear crossbody. Different strokes for different folks. That said, I adore my Speedy b 25 (squishes flat) and Alma bb.

    A bag needs to fit your needs...whether it’s popular or not. I can see how this bag would not be for everyone. There is no one style fits all for sure.
  2. I like it but don't need it. I would rather continue to collect my #1 love, the Speedy
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  3. I also don’t like it. I had the reverse when they first came out and I sold it a few months later. It’s just too body and it was not functional for me.

    So, no you are not weird. You should try the Alma BB. You might be shocked at how much you love it. It’s is one of my favourite bags so I’m probably biased but it is a lovely classic.
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  4. I passed on it just yesterday, actually. It looked good but was too small for my noise canceling headphones. I don’t carry them all the time but I saw no point in getting a crossbody that I couldn’t travel with. I got the mylockme instead and am super happy with the choice! :smile:
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  5. Also passed on the reverse PM. Almost jumped at the possibility to get her, but after reading of all the problems the bag has, I'm glad I passed. I guess I also couldn't fit all my daily stuff...
    I definitely prefer the 'big momma' aka Metis Hobo :giggle:
    Love her to bits.
  6. I was also attracted to it when it was less ubiquous. It kind of looks good in photos. Then I started to see it in the wild. I have to say, to this day I have only seen one person looking good in the PM, she was carrying it as a clutch. But it is a crosbody, and it does not look good on anyone crossbody (in my completely personal and subjective opinion).
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  7. I don’t like it because of the way it locks. I prefer magnet. Once I ordered one and went to the store to pick it up. The bag refused to lock. I know it’s because it was empty so it never “caught” when I pushed on the lock. But sometimes my bags aren’t 100% full. So that is annoying. I avoid all LV bags with that kind of lock actually. I had the same problem with the croisette.
  8. The Pochette Metis has never done a thing for me. I don’t admire its look and have never desired one. I am flabbergasted by all the hype over this bag.
  9. Pass for me. Too boxy for me. at one point i wanted it but it was so hard to find so i just gave up. Instead i got the Clapton pm in raisin. I am so happy i did and no regrets. Never seen one in the same color until now. The lock is way better than the PM for me. Still looks brand new after a year.
  10. It is a nice bag. But when I buy LV, I usually buy medium to large-sized I usually use it for travel and want to be able to have ample space for all my essentials. That said, this bag is not for me.
  11. I was looking for a crossbody bag in a bright color and saw the PM in freesia (a bright fushia color) empreinte and loved it. It holds a lot, is lightweight, and can be carried a few different ways thus is multifunctional for me. I think I didn’t even know there was a thread on it until after I had purchased it. I’ve never even seen anyone carry it in this color and I’m in a major city. I also took it when I was in Paris on a trip. It packs well too since it’s flat.
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  12. There are so many other bags to choose from, I'm just looking for one I really like and will enjoy not running into as many ppl with the same bag.
  13. It never wow'd me to begin with. In my eyes the style looks like an old mans old bag, like something some hipster dude that's into vintage would carry? I laughed at it when it was launched, but I soon had to take that back seeing what a success that bag was. Haha. But no, not for me.
  14. I like it & own the mono version. Those who don’t like it just leave more stock for those who do:smile: We’re not all going to love the same things - that’s what makes us individuals. I for one am happy my friends all have different bags & different tastes so there’s no need to discuss which bag we’re carrying to avoid everyone carrying the same one... And the PM may be popular on social media but to this day I still have not witnessed one carried in any color variation out in the wild. Lots of LV - like neverfulls everywhere (which I do not nor do I want to own) - but haven’t seen a single PM. Social media VS reality... often they don’t line up.
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  15. I love the PM on other people, but DH and I were underwhelmed when I tried it on. I was still interested after that, but all of the issues with the bag have turned me off. I adore Empreinte leather, but I just can't get excited about the leather version. It's a pass for me in both canvas and leather.
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