In the minority and not wanting the Pochette Metis.

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  1. sooo after lusting over the PM Mono just by photos and social media, I went in to my local boutique and while they didn't have a Mono available, there was one young lady who came in to return hers!! I asked if I could try it on and they actually let me, they were so kind. I tried it on and OH MAN, it's a stunning bag but looked like a square box on me!!! I was wearing a very casual outfit.. black tank, black leggings and sandals... and it just didn't do anything for me. Threw on my denim jacket, didn't do anything for me.

    Sad to say I am now back on the hunt.. the Alma BB may be more on the dressier side but this bag looked rather cute on more than the PM..

    has anyone passed on the PM? why?
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  2. Me. It’s not for me in terms of functionality, I carry a lot and even though I tried downsizing and cleaned out my bag, in multiple occasions have to carry bfs stuff (sunglasses, cigarettes etc whatever doesn’t fit in his pockets).
    Due to weather situation where I live and poor temperature in the office as well I end up layering a lot, even in summer.
    So I need a bag that has space for all mine, potentially his and the cardigan if not a water bottle xD
  3. You're not in the minority. Hype is usually just--hype. Any given "popular" (i.e., social media promoted) LV bag is not popular to vast numbers of people.

    The Mono version is famously problematic and has been the subject of many returns. I tried it out in store in Scarlet Empreinte (great color) and sort of liked it, but I really am just not a compartmented-bag person.
  4. I don’t like the Pochette Métis either. For me it’s an overhyped bag and everyone has or wants it. When I first saw it on a lady on the street while I was out of the LV loop I thought it was fake because even the inner flap was monogrammed, something I’d only seen in fakes before at that time.

    I have a vintage monogram Monceau and it’s a much better looking bag to me (though I’m biased of course!) the size of the s lock is more proportional on the Monceau than on the Pochette Métis.
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  5. I too never cared for the Pochette Métis. It wasn’t my cup of tea, so to speak. :smile:
  6. I think it's a beautifully structured bag that I would buy my girlfriend in a heartbeat. But if you carry a lot of things, this definitely is not for you. For some reason I like structured bags, my female counterparts its hit and miss. I don't wear a purse so it's not for me.
  7. I loved it the first time I saw it, in person, right when it came out several years ago. I walked out of the boutique with it. I genuinely liked the bag pre-social media. Mine was the first version and i loved it, but the lock was faulty. Sold it, bought another, then had problems with cracking and sold it. I've honestly lost track-I may have owned three in canvas total. I swore I'd never get another one, but this summer, I bought the Pochette Metis AGAIN, but in empreinte Noir. For me, it's not about the hype, I truly like the bag and how it looks, but mostly how it feels to carry it top handle and also how it feels opening and closing it. It's tactile to me.

    I'm not sure about the minority out in the wild, but on TPF, I'd say you're in the minority. Even when I swore I'd never buy another one due to problems with the bag, I still bought another! lol
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  8. Isn't the hardware actual brass and not gold plated like most of what LV offers?
  9. Yep I never saw the appeal of the metis either and don't undertsnad why it's so sought's a briefcase with a strap meh
  10. Bought the NM monogram couple years ago. Pretty to look at but too heavy, too boxy, strap hurt my shoulder and neck. A watermelon sitting on my hip. Lol. Returned. Didn’t really care for the top handle either.

    Recently tried on the reverse. Love reverse ... but nope, can’t do. Even my SA says no, doesn’t do anything for you.
  11. Count me among those who passed on it.
  12. Too small for me.
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  13. Was the other way around for me I never actually liked it was in Paris store few weeks ago I had gone in to purchase the graceful PM after I tried I didn’t like the graceful and saw the Pochette Métis I loved it. Loved how masculine and yet classic too it seemed, I do love it. I got it in the monogram canvas. I have the Alma BB in the damier ebene and like it too.
  14. I don't know, I've never heard that before.
  15. LV hardware of regular production items isn't gold plated, it's brass plating over base metal.
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