In the market for a wallet, need help with color.

  1. Hi girls and guys.

    Right now I have a monogram wallet.

    I want to buy another non-monogram wallet.

    The models I can choose from are the Billfold or the Koala.

    Now. Multicolor White? Multicolor Black? Vernis? Framboise? Pomme? ...Perle?!

    I basically want a wallet that I can:

    A) Use in the Summer time
    B) Use in my gold mirior pap
    C) Use in a white Multicolor bag
    D) Use in my Fushia Baggy GM ... this one's not as important, as I can use my regular Mono in my Baggy.

    So... SUMMERY and suitable for gold miroir pap and Multicolor. I think Framboise would look adorable with Multicolor, but... I don't know about Gold Miroir and Framboise. I think Pomme would look amazing with Gold Miroir, but I don't know about Pomme and Multicolor. Perle seems like a good neutral choice, but, dammit... I want pink or red. :cursing: Although someone posted a pic of their Perle Koala and it was pretty much TDF.

    What do you all think?
  2. Erm, I guess I kind of talked myself out of MC during that writing. MC would look cute with Fushia Baggy and MC... but... not with Gold Miroir..
  3. i think white mc would be cute in all of those bags.. even with gold miroir.. after all, MC has gold rivets and accents! and white is very summery, and since it's canvas, it'll be easier to clean than say... vernis. then again, what do i know, i'm very biased towards white MC (LOVE IT) and it's practically summer all the time here. haha.
  4. Ahh, gold hardware on MC --- good point.
  5. I would say go for the multicolore. Personally, I'd do black because I don't do white...but I think you could do either. I ignore the whole white for summer thing...but I think you could go either way
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Azur :p
    ...ok, white MC!
  8.'re going to kill me but the only way to resolve this is to get two wallets.
  9. I knew you were going to say that.

    I'm totally sold on MC Koala now... but what color Vernis? I think I'm going to like Amarante... maybe I should wait until then?
  10. Well, you could always get the White MC now and wait for the Amarante. I love the Koala...its so cute!
  11. that's what i was going to say too! the azur koala wallet is on my wishlist... lol. but i also agree, i think the white MC koala wallet is a great choice.
  12. Amarante will go with the MC and the Gold pap. I don't know about the Fuschia...but you can use your mono with that.

    Koala Framboise is TDF though!
  13. I have the pomme koala, and I love it! Fuctional and beautiful! Although since you plan on using it in the summer, I'd go with the MC white. In the Vernis care booklet (that came with my koala), it specifically says to avoid exposure to sunlight, or color may fade and to protect it form direct sources of heat(inside cars in summer). This is my first vernis piece, so I'm not sure if regular use during the summer months with be a problem. Maybe someone who's owned vernis longer can give you some feedback.

    All in all tho, I think the MC white will look amazing with all of your bags, and you won't have to worry about it as much.

  14. thank you!
  15. oops I meant functional:shame: