In The Flesh...

  1. I skipped the gym to pick this up after work and take pics to show you guys--hope you appreciate it! (shhh...official launch is saturday)


  2. ooo is it the new mens damier pre collection MORE pics!!!!!!!!!
  3. O:huh: I am excitedddddddddd!!!!!!!!
  4. oooh undress it! something Damier.......... this should be good:graucho:
  5. haha i love the silk curtains in the bg, looks like its on an acutal performing stage. REVEAL!!!
  6. hurry up!!!!!! :smile: jk!

    i think that my F5 key is going to pop off of my laptop! :smile:
  7. Can't wait!
  8. Ahhhh! Don't tease us! Let's see the bag!
  9. [​IMG]


  10. OMG it's absolutely beautiful... I will definitely look into getting one of them! :smile:
  11. ooooh, hawt! i love the handles! :smile:
  12. WOW, that is awesome!! Is it coming out in any other styles?
  13. that is so hot what's the material is it just like damier it looks similar to the geant in the pic?
  14. so when i saw this in person there were a few surprises

    1. its not coated canvas..its woven textile

    2. white leather on handles and zipper is suede, chocolate leather is smooth

    3. textile has a very very slight sheen to it--like a silver sand color (moon dust?)

    sorry the bag is a losing a little shape in the pics, i took all the stuffing out at the store and forgot to put it back in.
  15. very nice azur.