In the Eye of the Beholder...

  1. Hey Ladies (and Gents):

    I was just reading a post by BELLAFLEUR on the subject of her SO's negative opinion of her Bbag, and I kind of got depressed:crybaby:. I do not own any Bbag items, but have been considering saving for the day when I can buy one. Although I'm not one to really care about what others think about me or my style.:graucho:..can some of you share some POSITIVE remarks you received while out and about with your Bbag stuff???
  2. My DH *loves* my bbags!!

    When we are out and about he frequently spots other women's bags and comments that they aren't nearly as nice as mine :heart:

    And my Mom, a new victim, I mean inductee, to the fashion bag addiction, saw a brand new Money Wallet I had just purchased at Saks and explaimed, "that is THE PRETTIEST piece of leather I have ever seen!!!!!".

    I let my Dad buy it from me and give it to her for her bday (DH and I had already bought her a Prada bag)

    Never ever let it be forgotten that I sold/traded 11 Chloe Paddingtons for my current Balenciaga collections :yes: :heart:
  3. oh YAY!!!! im starting to crack a smile!!!!

    "victim"...i like that ;)
  4. I currently own just one bbag, giant aqua city. I spotted this bag in Saks about 2 1/2 months ago and it was love at first sight but I already had my :heart:set on a LV Stratus PM so I knew at the time the bbag was out of my budget. Everytime since the initial Aqua bbag sighting I would swoon over the bag everytime we walked past it in Saks. My boyfriend finally said, "that bag is prettier than the LV bags you have been thinking about buying recently and it's really an eye catching bag." I couldn't believe he really liked it and enabled me in getting the bag.

    Then we went into Saks this past weekend and I saw a Giant Anthra City and he thought the color was "mystic" and would go with my wardrobe because "it looks like it changes colors!" I was almost LOL. Soo yup that's next on my list once they have one in RH.

    For the most part my BF understands my bag obsession although once in awhile he will :rolleyes: when he sees me online staring at pictures of purses or on tPF. I tell him he spends as much time talking on the phone and looking at sports.:blah:
  5. When I last carried my LE NM bag, I had an SA in LV remark how pretty the color was and how nice the bag looked. I love when SA's for another bag brand compliment a bag that's NOT their brand!!!
  6. HAH! Great! I guess I'm feeling a little guilty about this whole bag thing because I just bought my first LV (up til now it has only been Dooney and Bourke, hence the tPFname). So, to already be looking at another designer that is way too expensive according to anyone I's good to know that a Bbag is eyecatching (though I DO love my LV as well).
  7. Good lord, out of all the luxury bags I have owned my whole life, I have NEVER received compliments like I do with my Bbags.... from all kinds of people! My DH loves them. Just the other night when we were out with friends, I was getting questions about my Mogano day -- a sweet yet fashion-clueless friend asked if it was LV. He answered it was Balenciaga, LV was soooo passe for me, with a big hearty chuckle! His favorite is my magenta city.... Hope that helps ward of your depression, LOL!
  8. My husband thinks my bbags are young and trendy! He thinks my Aqua is my best bag to date (outside of my chocolate paddington, which he thought was really really really nice). He likes the fact that I chose a subtle understated brand of bag over bags that screams designer logos.

    I love my hubby though...he totally understands that bags give me joy and he's happy to watch me be happy!
  9. There have never been a single negative thing said about my bbags, except the price tag, that's a different story.:p
    But the craftmanship, quality, and leather is just worth it. I just pray for the longevity of it.
  10. Honey, I'm so sorry to make you feel negative toward bbags!! That post was more about me venting about DH, not about hating on my bbags, which I will continue to love and cherish:smile: DH is another story... KIDDING!!!:smile:

    Please, as someone said it best, bbags will always impress your girlfriends, and make you happy all on their own. Boys just don't understand our fashion tendencies (with the exception of the fantabulous fashionable tPF boys of course, and those few appreciate SO's out there...:smile:. My DH doesn't understand why I have 50 pairs of black shoes either, but I'm still keeping every one of them!!
  11. WHAT!!!! 50 PAIRS (.......OF BLACK)!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS - I think that I am female?!?
  13. my bf really loves balenciaga over LV or any other designer. he thinks that bbags have a distinct look and prefers the brighter colors too. Whenever we go to Holts, he makes a point at stopping at the Bal section (while i'm itching to go to LV) to see what they have.

    ...and for some odd reason, he seems to remember things I say when it's in regards to Balenciaga. Last time we went to Holts, they had a twiggy on sale (i think it may have been in plomb) and stated, "remember you wanted the Twiggy and i really like that color"--- something he'd NEVER say about LV.
  14. Ok, maybe I don't quite have 50... but I do have a lot... I realized this when I just took 6 pairs to the cobbler the other day, and they were all black. (I tend to wear out the heels really quickly). I bet I have at least 35 or 40. Am I insane??:smile:

    And what is the female reference to? Did I say something offensive...? That's always possible, and inadvertent of course...:smile:
  15. Hmmm, now I'm curious, I'm going to count when I get home!