In the elevator

  1. this morning on my way up to my office, i was in the elevator with 2 other girls. the one next to me on my left could NOT STOP starring at my new-to-me black spy. i had it hanging on my left arm and until we reached the 14th floor where she got off, she kept starring. i think she didn't know what kind of bag it was cuz i could tell that she was trying to read the little "fendi" on the spy tube..

    hehehe that made my morning about you gals.. any stories today??

    ps. I LOVE MY SPY!!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart:
  2. LOL, that's a funny story. I'm sure you'll be getting a lot of those stares!!
  3. I love it when that happens!! I also have a lot of Chanel and I KNOW people are always staring trying to figure out if it is real or fake.
  4. One day last week, as I was leaving work, a girl in the elevator complimented me on my zucca. I liked her bag so I told her, "I like yours too". She said "yeah, but it's not as cool as a Fendi". I said "It doesn't hafta be a Fendi to be a great bag. I really like yours". Not that I'd trade my zucca for whatever she was carryin', but you know... I don't know what kinda bag hers was, but it did look really nice. It was like a suede hobo with a lot of pockets on the outside. I like bags like that. It looked really practical and very nice as well.
  5. There is not much rael story to me today.
    But, after several emails with fendilover, I finally decide to order a vanity!!!!!!!!!!Just this morning!!!!I am so excited!!!!!!I am going to have my own fendi in one week!!!! I am going to NYC to pick up my first BABY!!!Yeah!!!!!!!!! Although my boss gave me so much work that I only slept for 5 hours in the last two days, (for two night, altogether), but now, I just can't stop smiling by myself!!!!!!
    also, I can't stop thinking, what's next? Hm, maybe a spy? I really love the blue and white, the denim one....But, I heard you talkign about the leather of spy is so nice so soft so bubbly, that makes me hesitate to get the denim one!!!!!
    Anyway, so happy now!!
  6. Great story! I got some admiring looks with my zucca b. Fendi on my arm love love!!
  7. I love it when ladies do this. You can see them looking at the bags out of the corner of your eye. I have to stop myself sometimes from going up to them and telling them all about the bag.....LOL I have only used my Honey Wisteria once for a couple of hours but that one is a real show stopper with people staring at it.
  8. I always seem to end up at the makeup counter at a department store next to another girl with in a few years of my age. I always have to pull the product I want out of my makeup bag to make sure I get the right color. As I pull my LV pochette (with the lining covered in makeup) , I ususally get an embarassed and awkward look from them. That's when I realize she's using the bag as a purse.
    So, I smile and tell them they have good taste.

  9. The first makeup stuff I bought in US is from Bobbi Brown, it is right after the BA told me that " your purse is so cute!!!!", hm, I guess I am really happy after that and bought something I didn't plan to buy ,hehe
  10. Oh I love it! You use a Vuitton Pouchette as a makeup bag!!!:roflmfao:
  11. I just a vanity the other day (yes yes, pics coming soon - been swamped with school! :yucky:) and when my boyfriend and I were getting tea one afternoon, the man behind the counter said "Nice bag!" And the funny thing was, he didn't look like he would even know what LV is!
  12. Saich, if I ever saw you with your cherry (or any) spy walking down the street, I think I would get whip lash from the head turn! I would definitely trip over my own feet and make a complete fool of myself trying to get a better look! :blush:

  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: this made my day
  14. I'll just run up to you and try to distract you while I attempt to steal the bag! :roflmfao: :p
  15. I can see you ladies ganging up on me soon to try a get this cherry. I am already looking over my shoulder when out with one of them.....LOL:sos: