In the Celebrity section I once saw a gal

  1. with a Mini Lin speedy and I can't figure out how to get back there..I did a search too and only 'celebrities w/ speedies' came up and I looked on every page and it wasn't there..can someone help me please:shrugs::shrugs: thanks!!
  2. For some reason, I cannot find the original picture but here is a reply. If this is the right woman, her name is Sophina Brown. She's an actress on the show "Shark"

  3. It's nice to see a celebrity with a mini lin!
  4. What color was it?

    Ashely Tisdale, blonde disney channel star, carries one.
  5. ^^ the one pic'd above is ebene and the one that Ashlee tisdale carries is Dune.
  6. ^Lol Ashley must love Speedies too..I've seen her with the Mono one (along with her costar, Vanessa Hudgens), a white MC one and the Mini Lin one.
  7. Wow! Nice to see someone with a different speedy besides mono!
  8. Thanks all of you ladies..that pic above was the exact one I was searching for:smile::smile: I bought this a couple of months ago and returned it, regretted it and is on it's way again!! Thanks a bunch..I LOVE LOVE the sag on that bag..