In the case of suspecting a troll

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  1. what is the best thing to do? PM Vlad and Megs?
  2. A troll?.....:huh:
  3. -Forum talk for someone who joins just to bait people and start trouble.
  4. It's best to PM Vlad or Megs.
  5. Or you can PM any of us Moderators, that is what we are here for.

    We can help move things along to Vlad and Megs, and look into the situation further for you.
  6. Will do- thanks.
  7. Thanks, Jenn, comfirmed what I thought...good name!
  8. I know this is off topic, but once some guy was trolling a thread I started and when I confronted him he called me the troll!? Yeah, ok. Real mature.
  9. its best just to ignore them...afterall their only goal is to rile you up...why let them? they are obviously a lackey for someone of something they stand for.
  10. I bet I know exactly who you are talking about!!!
  11. Exactly why the "Ignore Member" option is SO awesome. Too bad they won't just go away.
  12. ~Andrea! You're so bad!;) ;)
  13. Who? :weird: Tell me! I must've missed out something in this forum :P
  14. I haven't noticed anything yet thank goodness. Myspace is notorious for that and it gets on my ruins good conversations! :evil:
  15. Tell me! If its the same person I'm going to bust out laughing. You can PM it if you want :P