In Style's list of 'IT' bags

  1. This months In Style has a section about IT bags. These are the brand names and bags mentioned:

    Louis Vuitton: Steamer, Speedy, Graffiti, Denim Speedy
    Gucci: Bamboo, Jackie O, GG canvas, Indy
    Chanel: 2.55, Quilted tote, Luxury, Perspex 2.55
    Prada: black nylon bags, bowling bag, clasp frame, fringe,
    Dior: Lady dior, saddle, gaucho, jeanne
    Chloe: bracelet, paddington, edith, bay
    Burberry: cinda, margaret, manor, beaton

    Do you agree with those? I agree with all apart from Burberry, I think Muberry's Bayswater and Roxanne should have been there as well as Balenciaga bags, what do you think?:yes:
  2. pictures will be great..I am not good with names....:confused1:
  3. No Marc Jacobs????
  4. Not to get all indignant, but Black Nylon Prada? I love the brand, even own some boutique Prada, but black nylon "It" bag? :shrugs:
  5. they should really add balenciaga :p

    def. not agree with the nylon prada & burberry. sorry girls, they're just not my cup of tea :p
  6. I really thought that Balenciaga should be on the list. That's really odd.
  7. I guess InStyle has a different definition of "IT" bag than I do. To me, an "IT" bag has always been a bag that is "of the moment". It's something that's hot at a certain time, and it doesn't necessarily become a classic in the designer's collection. The Luella Giselle is an example of this. That bag was the hottest thing going a few years ago, but nobody would ever call it classic. The bags InStyle listed here seem to be iconic or classic in the sense they are bags that people associate with the brand. When someone thinks Gucci, they often think of the Jackie O hobo or the GG canvas. When someone thinks LV, the often think of the Speedy. Prada's nylon bags aren't don't qualify as "IT" bags to me, but they would qualify as being iconic or classic, because the name Prada often evokes thoughts about the nylon stuff.
  8. totally agree armcandyluvr, although think there are others that should be on there! I think for Chanel they could have just listed the 2.55 and Prada the bowling they didn't need to list so many for each designer
  9. ^^ ITA, too. :yes:

    I don't think that's a definitive list of 'it' bags, either. If that is what it's supposed to be? :shrugs:

    More like a list of popular designs, for each of the, relatively few, designers mentioned; which is not quite the same thing.
  10. i agree w/ armcandy too. when i saw the list, i'm like there's nothing really new here. and that's an awful long list for "it" bags. shouldn't it be just one (or very very few) that's consider an "it" bag?
  11. Hi,
    I am new and just read this list which astounds me:crybaby:
    Where is Fendi? The Spy and the BBag? ??:cursing:

    Also Balenciaga I agree should be there. As for 'IT' it seems to comprise more of a list of classics or older styles.
    Where do they get their info?:nuts:

    Maybe a new list is in order. Well, I think and who knows this is just one opinion and I will probably only put the ones I like; I will start a few and need some help please as the 'it' seems to change so fast!

    Fendi Spy and Bbag
    Chloe Bracelet, Betty
    Balenciaga in all the new hot colours
    Chanel metallic, red 2.55
  12. No Jimmy Choo either I suppose. Maybe their not "IT" enough.:confused1:
  13. The Mahala was a bit of an IT bag though wasn't it?
  14. balenciaga bags and fendi spy and bbags bags are two huge oversights here. but overall, i think 'it' bags are very subjective.
  15. Their list seems stodgy and out of date for "It"