In Style Magazine Presents: Stars Talk Sexy

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    Eric Dane

    "The small of my wife's [actress Rebecca Gayheart] back. It's soft, it's secret, and if there's a good curve, maybe a dimple or two, well, that's something that pulls my focus."

    Rachel Bilson

    "Confidence. The most important thing a woman can be is confident in herself. And a cute pair of shoes doesn't hurt."


    "When you only get a glimpse of something, there's that mystery, 'What's underneath?' You want to know more."

    Terrence Howard

    "Watching someone make music. Music is the physical manifestation of inner thoughts. To see someone overcome his fear of sharing and speak from the heart is sexy. When you're playing for yourself, not trying to impress—that's when you become impressive."


    "Good skin is sexy because it's summer! You want to have good skin and be blond and all that good stuff."
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    Maria Menounos

    "Victoria's Secret lingerie."

    Taylor Kitsch

    "Live music. There's a dark, low-key bar in Austin that I love. This great guitarist named Carolyn Wonderland plays there. It's the perfect place to have a drink and chat, hang out with a gal who can throw everything away and just be loose and fun."

    Katharine McPhee

    "Men are sexy, but I always think of women being more sexy than men, in a different kind of way."

    Pharrell Williams

    "Style, because it's everything that matters, believe it or not... Whether you have great style or bad style, it's the only thing that counts—your sense of individuality."

    Ginnifer Goodwin

    "Paul Newman defines sexy. He's the ultimate dream boat. I'd say chocolate is sexy and the South is sexy, too."
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    Rosario Dawson

    "Automatically I think of gestures—smiles, looks. You see people connect without words. You see their eyes connect. You see someone looking at someone's mouth. You see someone holding hands. It's those wordless moments that I find sexy."

    Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor

    BEN "Finding time to go on a date, just us."

    CHRISTINE "Those little moments alone, like on the car ride home after we drop the kids off somewhere, or watching what we've TiVo'd after they go to sleep. We sound like the most boring couple."

    BEN "They don't have to be excited by us. We're excited by each other."

    Rebecca Romijn

    "High heels. I'm 5'11", and sometimes I get self-conscious about wearing 4" heels. But [my husband] loves me in them, so who am I to say no?"

    Samuel L. Jackson

    "When I think of sexy, I think of Capetown [South Africa]. It has gorgeous beaches and beautiful people."

    Sarah Michelle Gellar

    "To be awake in any great city until the sun comes up. You've probably had a phenomenal dinner, and good food is always sexy. Maybe you've been out dancing, or to a museum at night—which is really sexy, when no one's there. And then to watch the sun rise from a tall building, so you see it rise from beneath you—that's perfect."
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    Heidi Klum

    "My parents were very free about nudity, and my husband and I are, too. I think shame is unnecessary. I'd like our three children to feel free and unashamed of whatever body shape they have. People should worry about other things."

    James Marsden

    "A plain white cotton bra and panties. Not granny stuff, but not skimpy either, just nice. If I see my wife in that, or in white cotton panties and one of my T-shirts—hey, I'm done."

    Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon

    "A pair of great heels! I think no matter what you wear, if you have a great pair of heels or great shoes, it comes from there and up!"

    Aaron Eckhart

    "The shape of a woman as she slips on a simple white dress, or puts her earrings on. I like to be challenged by a woman, to feel like we're both pushing each other, like I'm always playing catch-up a little. I like that feistiness."

    Isla Fisher

    "Big handlebar moustaches." (She laughs, referring to the facial hair her fiance, Sasha Baron Cohen, sported in Borat.) "I lived with one for a long time—that doesn't stay behind in the makeup trailer. But seriously? A good smile. I'm always attracted to that."
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    Joy Bryant

    "A good dessert. It doesn't have to be chocolate, but I had a flourless molten volcano whatever chocolate cake last night, with cream all over the place, and that was so damn good. All food is sexy, but dessert is the sexiest."

    Denis Leary

    "Walking and talking with my wife in the early evening from our place to some interesting restaurant downtown in New York, just the two of us. Or to an art house cinema where you don't care what's playing, you just pick a movie based on the show time. You let the plan happen as you live it. And then taking our time, walking and talking back home."

    Chloe Sevigny

    "I always find when I'm in nature I feel really sexy—the beach or in the woods. There's something sexy about being in nature."

    Brandon Routh

    "Courtney Ford [his actress fiancee]! There are too many things to name that I find sexy about her, but it's the eyes. It's definitely the eyes that got me."

    Maggie Q
    "The minute you say 'sexy,' I see Angelina Jolie's face... She's the epitome of sexy. She doesn't even have to try."
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