In Style Magazine Presents: New York Fashion Week - Day 7

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  1. Jennifer Lopez

    "I love creating things and I've loved clothes since I was a little girl," said Jennifer Lopez of her inspirations for her new Just Sweet fashion line, which premiered at a surprise fashion week show at Eyebeam studios. While the models showed off the fun, flirty designs of the spring collection, it was Lopez herself who proved the best ambassador for her latest foray into the fashion world in a bright green mini from the line.

    Marley Shelton and Maggie Grace

    Actresses Marley Shelton and Maggie Grace were on hand for the fashion parade at the unveiling of the Just Sweet Spring 2008 collection by multi-tasking mogul Jennifer Lopez. Models strutted the runway in the fresh designs wearing cosmetics by makeup company Flirt! which also provided the gift bags for the lucky front row guests.

    Ashley Olsen

    The rains came for the Calvin Klein show, and so did celebritites like Ashley Olsen, who stayed out of sight until just before the first model hit the catwalk. Though the weather outside was frightful, the designs from the legendary label gave everyone in the tents spring fever.

    Kate Bosworth and Julianne Moore

    "I love red, so it was a good opportunity to wear it," said a fiery Kate Bosworth, who traded style sentiments with Julianne Moore at Calvin Klein. "I tried on a couple of things at Calvin a week ago and I loved it. It's knit, so it's quite comfortable." Also comfortable were the cushy white banquettes that lined the label's showroom.

    Julianne Moore, Francisco Costa and Kate Bosworth

    After a quick outfit change, Julianne Moore and Kate Bosworth ignited a photo frenzy when they stopped to pose with designer Francisco Costa at the Calvin Klein after-party. "I love the clothes," said Moore of her reasons for braving the rain to see the new collection. "They're very classic, very simple. That's what I tend to like."

    Rosario Dawson

    "I loved all the beautiful calm tones that seemed peaceful and drew you in," mused a serene Rosario Dawson after the Calvin Klein show. "I also loved the high-waisted pants, that sort of old-school glamour."
    091207_lopez_400X400.jpg 091207_shelton_400X400.jpg 091207_olsen_400X400.jpg 091207_moore_400X400.jpg 091207_dawson_300X400.jpg
  2. Demi Moore and Lucy Liu

    "I was working today, but ran off the set to come here," said Lucy Liu, who took a front row seat next to this season's fashion-week regular Demi Moore at Zac Posen. "His show was so feminine and beautiful. This is my first show this year, so I'm really excited."

    Sean Combs and Zac Posen

    After taking in the wild designs at Heatherette, Sean Combs made a wardrobe change and headed back to the tents to wish Zac Posen luck backstage before the show. "I was blown away. I'm really speechless," said Diddy, who helped Posen celebrate at chic eatery Koi after the catwalking was over. "He won't stop evolving, he won't stop growing. It just gets better and better."

    Serena Williams

    Tennis star Serena Williams brought her fashion A game to the Zac Posen show. "My stylist picked out all these jewels. She does all the hard work and I get to wear what she picks!" the stylish sports phenom said.

    LeAnn Rimes and Michelle Trachtenberg

    At Monique Lhuillier, fashion plate LeAnn Rimes represented country music while Michelle Trachtenberg chose her look because "it was a little bit rock and roll." The design-obsessed duo watched as models displayed Lhuillier's spring collection of her trademark gauzy gowns.

    Betsey Johnson and Tori Spelling

    While everyone knew to expect post-show cartwheels from designer Betsey Johnson, even guests like Tori Spelling and LL Cool J were stunned by the Prom Night 2008 theme that transformed the tent into a stardust memory. VIP guests like Spelling—who brought along husband Dean McDermott—sat at cocktail tables as the models walked under the glittering light of disco balls and the DJ played songs to swoon to.
    091207_lui_300X400.jpg 091207_diddy_400X400.jpg 091207_williams_300X400.jpg 091207_rimes_300X400.jpg 091207_spelling_300X400.jpg
  3. Alexis Phifer and Kanye West

    After an explosive appearance at the MTV VMAs, Kanye West jetted back to New York City to catch the Ghita Spring 2008 fashion presentation at the Metropolitan Pavilion. West offered plenty of praise to Ghita designer Alexis Phifer, who also happens to be his fiancee.