In Style Magazine Presents: New York Fashion Week - Day 6

  1. Oscar de la Renta and Victoria Beckham

    "He's the epitome of American dressing and style," said the always impeccably dressed Victoria Beckham of Oscar de la Renta at the showing of his spring collection. The chic star also recalled her first ever fashion show as being Versace in Milan. "Donatella invited us, and it was really, really exciting. It was a great experience."

    Tina Chai and Amanda Peet

    Amanda Peet and longtime friend and stylist, Tina Chai took in the Oscar de la Renta show, which was held at a church on Park Avenue. Peet donned a white eyelet top sent to her from the designer because "it's so beautiful and the lace is so springy and good during this hot weather." The actress, obviously a big fan, joyfully added that Oscar had designed her wedding dress.

    Roger Federer

    While in New York City, US Open champion Roger Federer took a front row seat at the Oscar de la Renta show. The stylish tennis star may have started his own fashion trend by wearing all black on the courts at the Open.

    Mischa Barton

    Mischa Barton was draped in shades of red at the fashionista-filled Marc Jacobs show, held late Monday night at the New York State Armory. The star-studded front row also included Victoria Beckham, Courtney Love, Sheryl Crow, Elisha Cuthbert and many more.

    Russell Simmons, Carmen Electra, Elisha Cuthbert and Helena Christensen

    After a long wait, music mogul and Phat Farm founder Russell Simmons, Carmen Electra, Elisha Cuthbert and Helena Christensen finally got a look at Marc Jacobs's spring line. "Celebrating Marc is a big deal," said Simmons. "I've watched him since the girls worked for free and he had no support. But in this industry, everybody loves him, so he has lots of support now. We love him and we come to celebrate him. Who else would we wait two and a half hours for?"
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  2. Courtney Love

    "That was crazy! That was driving me crazy!" said Courtney Love to a friend when she encountered a flashbulb frenzy outside of the Marc Jacobs show. The rocker, outfitted in purple and yellow layers, then took a moment and returned to the arrivals area where she was successful on her second attempt to enter the show.

    Sheryl Crow

    A little black dress-clad Sheryl Crow took her seat in the front row of bleachers at the Marc Jacobs show. Crow and other patient fans of the designer drank bottles of Fiji water as they waited for the presentation to begin—two hours late.

    Victoria Beckham

    British blonde Victoria Beckham wore a form-fitting bandage dress to the Marc Jacobs show. America (or at least New York City) seems to have accepted the new transplant—screams of "Posh" could be heard throughout the venue.

    Marc Jacobs and Michelle Trachtenberg

    Michelle Trachtenberg sealed the Marc Jacobs show with a kiss to the designer. Marc Jacobs was the first to bound down the runway at his "backwards" show, which started with his bow and ended with a single model in a dramatic red and turquoise ensemble.

    NY Fashion Week: Day 6

    Heath Ledger and Michael Stipe

    Heath Ledger had a guy's night out with R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe at the Marc Jacobs show. Stipe was spotted strolling in with some reading material while Ledger struggled to make his way past eager photographers.
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  3. Michael Lockwood and Lisa Marie Presley

    Lisa Marie Presley and husband Michael Lockwood added some color to the front row at the Marc Bouwer show, in the tents at Bryant Park. Although looking elegant and dapper, the couple bravely wore fall fabrics on a very hot and humid day in New York.

    Riley Keough and Ryan Cabrera

    Lisa Marie Presley also hit the tents for Anna Sui's spring show. "I've been friends with Anna for a long time," said Presley, who brought along her model daughter, Riley Keough—and Riley's boyfriend, singer Ryan Cabrera—for a little mother-daughter fashion bonding. Other friends of Anna in the front row were indie filmmaker Vincent Gallo and edgy Evanescence front woman Amy Lee.

    Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

    Tori Spelling showed off her post-pregnancy bod in a white knit dress at the Jill Stuart show, held in Astor Hall at the New York Library. The actress and her husband Dean McDermott watched as Stuart sent an array of flirty and feminine mini dresses and one-piece rompers down the corridor.
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