In sooo much PAIN!! please help :-(

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  1. Hi everyone...I have a bit of a problem. I am 15 weeks prego and am having the WORST sciatica!!!!!!! I am a waitress 4 nights a week (thurs-sunday) and am on my feet the whole time. I worked thursday night and barely made it through the night alive so I went to the doctor first thing in the morning on friday and they insisted I take off for a few days but heres the thing: It wont go away! Its there when I turn over during sleeping, its there when I get up from a sitting position, walking--forget it!! Now lets fast forward a few years...when I was about 5 months pregnant with my son, i first expericenced it and ever since then (even when I wasn't pregnant) I seem to get it. Now that Im pregnant again, it has made it 400 times worse! DF wants me to go on disability now being that I clearly cant even do my job without being in extreme amounts of pain but that brings on a tremedous amount of anxiety in itself: what about money? I'll feel like Im useless if Im not contributing financially. DF keeps on saying we'l be fine (he makes good money thank goodness but things might be a little tight with my cc bills and such...) and tells me how im already contributing so much by being with our son and growing our new baby...typing this out just started to make me cry, he's being so supportive which is just wonderful. I am making an appt with an orthopedic doctor to get further medical documentation to support getting disability leave but heres my question for now: does anyone know any tried and true methods of at least relieving the pain? It shoots down my left leg CONSTANTLY!! Sorry for this long post but I appreciate any thoughts or ideas you may throw at me...have a great day!
  2. I don't have advise but I hope you get some relief soon!!!
  3. ^thank you!:flowers:
  4. maybe a chiropractor ? I would quit your job and just deal with the financial problems for the sake of your comfort and for the baby.
  5. so sorry to hear that you are in pain..i truly hope you get some relief here soon...hugs to you and the baby
  6. thanks for the replies....I've gone to a chiropractor a few years ago (for unrelated back problems) and it doesn't seem to help me. It feels like chiropractic only band-aids the problem and doesn't fix it so Im not sure if I should start going again...I made an appt with the orthopedist for Sept 9th (ugh! so far away!) so I'll mention that and see what he says....
  7. I had a HUGE issue with this during my 1st pregnancy and ended up having physical therapy and wearing a girdle type thing. Honestly it didn't help very much. Stretching and regular massage alleviated it a little but unfortunely I was fairly miserable throughout the pregnancy.
  8. I have no advise but sending you good vibes and hope you feel better. :flowers::hugs:
  9. MASSAGE THERAPY!!! It saved me during my first pregnancy. I could barely walk, and I would wake up in the middle of the night with sciatic pain. Get to a registered massage therapist who can specialize in pregnancy massage. Your insurance might even cover it if you have a doctor's note.
  10. I had bouts of sciatica with my 2nd pregnancy and (I hate to say this but) nothing helped. Massages helped to dull the pain for shot periods of time but walking and turning in my sleep were excruciating.
    I couldn't even imagine having to wait tables in that condition. If you can swing going on disability and staying off your feet a bit, I would go that route. I have GFs that had it so severe that they were on bedrest.
  11. ohhh booyyyy, it doesn't sound like I will find anything that will make it "go away". I know my insurance doesn't cover massage therapy but Im wondering if it was billed to a physical therapy place where they have massage therapy it would work? Ugh, this just sucks. I feel like such a loser for complaining so much to DF but he is just sooo understanding which makes this so much easier on me. My mother just tells me to do what is best for me and the baby--not to work. I feel sooo torn!
  12. accupuncture is another one you might try.

    I hope it gets better and I am sorry you are suffereing :sad:
  13. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I had Sciatica too. As soon as I started prenatal yoga it went away. Hot moist towel also helped a little. Good luck!
  14. When I went to a massage therapist for a prenatal massage, I told her I had sciatica and she gave me a "cold stone" massage.
    Basically, she had these chilled stones which REALLY helped to numb the pain.
    I was told that cold is better for sciatic pain because it's nerve pain as opposed to muscle pain which you would treat with heat.

    Maybe you can get DF to get some chilled towels and rub out your lower back for you sometimes and I'm sure that would ease the discomfort a bit.

    Hugs to you.
    I know how much pain you're in and I really feel for you. It really takes the fun out of being pregnant.
  15. ^ the cold idea is one I've heard of (but in terms of an ice pack or something...) but havent tried yet. I've been told not to use heat cuz it could make it worse. But heres the weird question: where exactly do I put it? Its hard to pinpoint where exactly it starts (being that the pain I feel is down my left leg). Should I put the ice on my butt or lower back?:shrugs: