In Some Kind of Dillemma With LV

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  1. I went to LV yesterday and was browsing through the shop, realizing that I truly only own Mono and Damier items. So I went ahead and bought something I wasn't really planning to buy.............. A VERNIS ZIPPY ORGANIZER!!!!! I was torn between the two colors, and finally decided to take the white/pearl one.

    I'm a 16 yr old male going to high school. Do you think the Vernis line looks too "girly" or feminine? If not, should I have gotten the red one instead of the white one you think?

    Also, I'm tired of Messenger bags and backpacks, and I wanna know if Speedies can be carried my men? I wanna have either the Speedy in Mono Canvas or in Mini Lin Canvas. Which one should I get? Or are they for women only?

  2. honestly, I'm a believer in wearing and carrying what feels good to you, if you like the speedy, who cares what others think - go for it!! Each person has their own style and tastes, maybe you'll start a new trend for guys!
  3. There was a post of Snoop Dog with a Damier Speedy-do what you like.
  4. Congratulations on the wallet! I think it's pretty unisex. Wear what you like.
  5. I'm another believer in this philosophy: Whatever you are, own it.

    If Vernis and Speedies make you smile, then do your thing! Yes, they are feminine, but that's only because society perceives them as such. The original Speedy, going back 200 years, was probably carried by a man. It is a doctor bag, after all. I've seen plenty of men in posh cities carrying monogram Speedies as "manpurses." If you're trying to avoid looking too girly, but your heart is set on LV, then definitely stay with Pearle Vernis (instead of Pomme) and get the monogram Speedy (instead of the Mini Lin.) Have you considered a messenger bag in Monogram or Damier? It might be roomier for your school items.

    By the way, do you just love the Zippy? I've been lusting after one for quite some time!
  6. I would have to agree with the above. I see nothing wrong with a guy carrying any kind of bag. I admire confidence and style - if you can carry a speedy then you have both!!!
  7. :supacool: If you can rock it, why not?? :jammin:
  8. Daniellejp, yes I do love the Zippy! I have one in Mono Canvas, in Damier Canvas, in Mono Groom, in Vernis, and in MC. It's practical, stylish, elegant, and just really handy for your needs.

    As for the speedies, thank you guys for your opinions and support! But which do u think would be a better choice: Mono Speedy or Mini Lin Speedy? And what size? 'Cos I *think* there are different sizes.
  9. Truly, IMHO: Vernis looks too feminine for any guy. I think a few guys can pull off a Speedy.

    but feel free to rock what YOU like and what YOU feel comfortable wearing. ;)
  10. I would go for the size 30 mono speedy. I was talking to my SA about mini lin (neither one of us are huge fans) and he said that it can get snags in the material over time. The mono is so much more classic. Go for it! Can't wait to see modeling pics!!
  11. I think a guy can definitely pull off a size 30 or larger Speedy. When carried by hand, to me the Speedy is similar to a briefcase or something. I probably would find it to be a bit feminine if you carried it in the crook of your arm tho :smile:
  12. I agree that you should carry what you'd like! I think Speedies can look "manly," especially the Damier!
  13. the louis vuitton cup zippy is nice! Wear whatever you like, but you should check that out =)
  14. Since you mentioned that you have alot of Monogram and Damier pieces, I would go for the Mini Lin Speedy. You could always buy a strap with it to make it more masculine.
  15. Whatever makes you happy!