In shock!

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  1. i just saw a fake balenciaga in saks...i was is saks at the walt whitman mall, which is on long island. this particular store doesn't really carry bbags but i think they have a couple from returns that were made. anyway this was a bag that would look like the new town as far as the size of it, but had no shoulder strap, no controlo card or any or the tags that come with a normal bbag, and to top it off the leather was like cardboard!
    i can't believe they are selling this bag for 1395!

    the sa was laying the pressure on thick when i was looking at it!

    (not sure where to post this...mods please move this accordingly)
  2. You can't be completely certain it was fake. Many times department stores sell bags w/out cards/tags that were either removed the the s/a or a previous owner who returned the bag - I just received an authentic one from NM w/out any cards, only the price tag attached inside. As for leather, some Bal bags do have stiffer leather than others. While it's true it could have been a return, the previous owner may have lost the strap and threw out the cards, and the s/a's were clueless that the bag should come with them.

    In order to truly assess the authenticity, photos of the bales, fonts, etc., would be required.
  3. I thought the town hasn't been released yet...
  4. Do you have photos?
  5. oh no...i know this was fake! there weren't even bales for the shoulder strap to connect to...the town hasn't been released yet...and the bag wasn't real leather...the tassels weren't flexable at all...and to top it off, the actual handles did not have as long of a drop as they do for the first or the city.

    i know that the leather can vary on all the bags...i'm an avid collector...but this couldn't have been real leather...

    i couldn't take any pics because the sa was totally on me the entire time...the bag was on display behind the counter...not on the floor (so i couldn't even sneak any pics in)
  6. It sure sounds gross! Too bad. Some unsuspecting person may buy the derned thing!
  7. did u tell the sa about it?? did they remove it?
  8. I read about this happening a on here a year or two ago. I hope someone reports it. Although it might be a bit uncomfortable to do. :s
  9. Maybe someone returned a fake bag and they SAs didn't catch on, especially if you say they don't carry bbags there.
  10. this is why if I buy a Bbag from a department store I demand that it comes from the warehouse...
    thats awful, hopefully someone says something so some unsuspecting person doesn't pay that much for what sounds like a horrific fake.
  11. ^how do u know for sure it comes from warehouse :sad:
  12. i did say something to the sa...but she was not very nice or listening to what i was saying...she was just trying to push the sale...she kept saying if you don't like it/or want to buy it then why are you looking at it...i kept saying it doesn't seem like it's a real balenciaga...
    i was using my black velo at the time and she was questioning my bbag...she didn't even know that it was a bbag...very weird situation
  13. Years ago when I first started buying Coach bags - I bought a Coach bag from Macys - the bag started to fall apart and when I brought it to a Coach boutique they told me it was fake - this happens alot according to them - be VERY careful when you buy a designer bag from a dept. store - a lot of the SAs and Managers are clueless as to authenticity. People buy authentic bags and then return fake ones to dept. stores
  14. That is unbelievable that there are people out there that don't have a conscience to do such a thing. If you don't know the SA and know that she knows Bals, it shows how we have to know what is real and isn't.
  15. Wow! I wouldn't have thought of doing that in a million years!!! Amazing!