In Shock- my dog died at the groomers

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  1. I still can't believe this is happening. This past Saturday, I took my dog Molly to the vet for grooming services. She has been going to the same vet/groomer since we first adopted her 10 years ago. Molly is a shih tzu/maltese mix.

    Anyways, two hours after I dropped her off, the vet called to say that Molly was very stressed by the grooming and he had to give her oxygen and was trying to stabilize her. He told me to call back in 30 minutes. Instead of just calling back, I went to the vet and was told by the receptionist that he was performing CPR on Molly. I asked to see her and she was lying on the table hooked up to oxygen. The vet told me she had heart problems and the grooming was too stressful for her heart. He told me she was in great danger of not making it. It looked like she was starting to revive a little bit, and then all of a sudden, he flipped her onto her other side, started draining fluid from her mouth, began performing CPR and then she briefly spasmed and she died. She was only 10.5 to 11 years old. I did a lot of research afterwards and I think she had congestive heart failure. The vet did mention about one year ago (I think Molly was there for vaccines) that she had a slight heart murmer, but he didn't recommend any sort of treatment or medications so I didn't think it was a serious issue.

    I know Molly was technically a senior, but she gave NO sign that her health was failing. She still loved going on walks, had no trouble going up/down stairs, had a great appetite, etc. It didn't even occur to me that I could lose her this young- I expected her to live to AT LEAST a couple more years. I just feel so so awful for taking her to that specific groomer/vet, because I actually didn't even like the vet very much since he has no bedside manner and doesn't even seem to really like his patients. I really don't know why I kept taking her there over the years. She hated going to the groomer/vet and always resisted, but I always assumed it was because dogs just hate going to the vet and being groomed. And there was a prior experience with the vet/groomer where she had trouble opening her eyes the next day and I took her to the ER and was told they probably scrubbed soap in her eye area to get rid of her tear stains.

    I've just been thinking non-stop, if only I hadn't taken her to be groomed. If only I had done more research into finding a better groomer or vet and not been so lazy. I keep thinking of Molly and crying.

    To make matters worse, Molly is like a child to my parents and I still haven't told them the news. My mom is undergoing treatment for aggressive cancer and I feel like the news would make her majorly depressed. I don't know how long I can hide this news from them. I just feel like I'm caught in a horrible nightmare.
  2. Here's a picture of Molly, taken only a few weeks ago

  3. Oh this is terrible - I am so, so sorry - what a horrible tragic loss, more devastating because it was so unexpected. Please don't blame yourself - I have been in a similar position losing a pet unexpectedly. It was Molly's time and you couldn't have prevented this.
    I really don't know what to say to you regarding telling your parents, hopefully someone else will step in with some advice. I really am so sorry.
  4. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost a young shih-tzu who was 4. Siouxsie had no previous medical issues, and I never got what I considered to be a satisfying answer as to why it happened. We boarded her for a Memorial Day Weekend (it was her regular vet) we were spending out of town, and on that Sunday morning I got the call. I know what you're going through because I've been there. The questions, the guilt - everything. It haunted me for years as we have never lost a pet that young - ever. But today, I remember the good times we shared and remember her fondly without sadness. I hope you will get there, too, one day when you're ready. I apologize as I'm not great with words but for what it's worth, I'll be thinking about your precious shih-tzu and you. Take care of yourself and your family.
  5. Oh how awful! I am so sorry for your sudden unexpected loss - the worst kind.
  6. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Molly. Your story has shaken me up. You shouldn't second guess yourself because this could've happened with any groomer you took her too. Especially if she had a heart condition. My dog hates going to the groomers (also the vet). Any groomers. My previous dog also never liked it.
  7. So sorry for you! Sending you a hug!
  8. Oh my goodness, words cannot express the sadness I feel for you over your loss of Molly. As other's have said, please don't blame yourself for what has happened. I would wait until the situation is clearer (or atleast you have better answers from the vet) before telling your parents about what has happened. Sending lots of hugs..
  9. My prayers are with you and also your mom, my mom is ill herself and I know how stressful and scary it is. I agree, please don't blame yourself, you had no way of knowing that would happen, I am very sorry for your loss, Molly was a beautiful dog. I don't know either what to say about telling your parents, is it possible to tell your dad alone and see what he feels you should do about telling your mom? I truly feel for you.
  10. I'm so sorry for the loss of your sweet Molly - you've lost an important part of your family and your life - you'll continue to be in my thoughts....
  11. I am so sorry about Molly. What a terrible shock to lose your beautiful girl this way.:hugs:
  12. How horrible! I am so very sorry that you lost your beautiful little girl like this. I can only imagine how the shock of it all would be so overwhelming. Big hugs at this difficult time. :hugs:
  13. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost a cat suddenly to heart attack so I know how you are feeling. Pleaes don't blame yourself. This could have happened anywhere. There is no way to know how long our babies have left. ((((HUGS))))
  14. Thanks so much for everyone's comments...I just keep thinking about Molly and how I should have appreciated her more, spent more time with her, taken her to a better vet, etc. It's so hard because our pets are so dependent upon us to take good care of them- WE are solely responsible for their well being. If she had gone on the proper medications, I'm sure she would have lived at least a few more years. If she had lived a full long life, this wouldn't be as hard....
  15. :sad: