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  1. I need an all back Coach bag and wallet. I am not sure which one to get. I like the Legacy Shoulder in black leather and black signature. But, I have it in whiskey and thought I should get a different style to add to my Coach collection. Any suggestions? I want something the size of the medium Carly or Legacy shoulder. :sos:
  2. Thanks Bethy! I like the Coach - New COACH HAMPTONS SIGNATURE PERFORATED LARGE CARRYALL, but I think it might be a bit too big. Something around the same size as the legacy shoulder? Does anyone have it in the black signature? Can you please post pics?
  3. Do you like the Carly? Sorry I can't remember what you already have! Or what about the Soho leather large satchel? (hopefully my link will work)

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  4. Yes, I have Carly in parchment and love it. I want something different than I already have though.

    Is the carryall bigger than the book tote? I like the book tote?

    I just don't want a huge bag, just enough to carry the essentials for day to day stuff- wallet, cell, checkbook, lip gloss, small brush, etc.
  5. I have the black signature carryall (silver hardware) in the medium size - and it is perfect to carry "just the essentials", plus a smidge extra.
  6. This is what I got at the outlet today:

    Mini Signature Soho Flap Satchel-$239.20

    Signature Gallery Zip Around Wallet- $87.20

    Lurex Optic Coin Purse Wristlet-$39.99

    What do you think? I really like them. Perfect fit on the shoulder and I am really liking the small signature in black. I had the black/white small hobo, but never all black. It looks sharp with the silver hardware.

    I brought my Dad and puppy (Chloe) to the outlet today. It's pet friendly so we were able to bring her in the Coach outlet. HEHE. So cute! She wore her Coach collar and leash..hehe last picture is of her with her collar.
    DSC04497.JPG DSC04498.JPG DSC04499.JPG DSC04490.JPG
  7. ^^ Oh, your puppy is sooo cute!! Great purchases!! I really like the little coin purse!! It's really cute!!
  8. Thanks! She is a cutie and a big cuddler. I love the coin purse too. I had to actually go to our coin jar to find change to put in it because I don't usually carry change because I didn't have a place to put it in my bag. But, now I do. So cute!
  9. Lovely bag.

    Very cute doggie!
  10. Oh my gosh! Your puppy is sooo sweet! I love her little face. :tender:

    I love the things you got at the outlet, too. They are beautiful!
  11. How cute is that puppy!
    That is a great bag! I am also searching for the perfect black bag, got sidetracked when I saw Tloveshim's pond shoulder and now am considering both. Just days after I posted about the complete collection lol.
  12. Thank you. She's 10 months old and that's as big as she will get. She's a big sweetie!
  13. Awww.... I'm so sorry! It's Coach's fault, they just keep making such pretty stuff! I think I'm banning myself until me and my dh's 20th anniversary in March! Don't know what I could possibly NEED or even want now, for that matter!

    Anyway, I think the Legacy shoulder bag in black leather is the perfect black bag!! :graucho: :yahoo: