In Search Of...

  1. I have been in search of the Nude Patent Very Prive with the burgundy tip for ages now. I missed it last Spring when Barneys had them and I refused to buy them 1/2 a size too small from the CL boutique.
    So I am now one step away from placing a special order for this shoe but considering that every time I have placed a SO, literally the next month, I find the shoe that I SOd at a department store or something, this has happened twice already. I don't mind the 30% markup, it's just the wait that I don't want to deal with.
    So in case anyone sees this shoe in a size 38.5 or 39, please let me know!!
    It is so strange that the nude VP with the gold tip just doesn't do it for me.

    Anyone else in search of any hard to find shoes and feels my pain?
  2. I feel you on the gold tip not cutting it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the nude very prive with the gold tip. I was hooked up and got a 30% discount on its $700+ price tag, and I have a dinner coming up that I will be wearing it to, but I love how the red tip pops against the nude. If it ever comes my way in a 37, it may be impossible for me to turn it away and I already have five nude CLs.

    I am not currently actively in search of a specific shoe, but there are some that are on my wish list: leopard helmuts, lavender python very prives, black kid leather numero prives, clichy, pigalles, etc. etc.
  3. AHH!! I totally know how u feel...I'm dying for slingbacks in nude patent..I'll totally keep an eye out for the same for me..yea??
  4. My gosh Kamilla, I do know your pain, I had them in a 38 with the nude tip (my fav), and a friend of mine was visiting from Austrailia, I loaned them out to her (I know I know)... and I didnt make a big deal out of it, becasue I figured, hey, I'll just get another pair, wrong :cursing:... anyway, my heart is searching for them to in a 38.... if I do come across your size, I will certainly let you know :yes:
  5. Kamilla, I'm DYING for the same exact the same exact size. lol I want any of the nude patent VPs, but (in order) would prefer the red tip first, the nude tip, then the gold tip. Why o why didn't they just make enough for everyone?! lol
  6. then we wouldn't want them :lol: ;)

    But I know how you feel, I gave a pair of CLs to a GF recently and she still hasn't returned them.
  8. Thank goodness no one close to me is the same size shoe. I am seriously territorial about my CLs. I don't think I could stand knowing my shoes are on someone else's feet, let alone on another continent.
  9. LavenderIce, thats funny !! ...... I know Kamilla, beleive me , I'd love to have them back, but she has had them now since August and LOVES them, I'm afraid they would not be in the same condition that I would have had them in (spotless) lol !!!
  10. What size are you natassha? Maybe you can be my friend and loan me one of your CLs? :p You are very generous to let her borrow (and dare I say) keep them. A Holy Grail shoe at that.
  11. I love both!
    What im in search for is the python Very Prive with burgundy tip. Found it on eBay a while back, but not in my size. I cant remember if it was you or someone else in search for the same ones. lol
    Size 39-39.5 for me too! lol

    Me too!
    I guard my Louboutins as if they are my babies! :yes:
  12. Can anyone special order as long as they pay a 30% mark up on the price? I'm dying for a pair of Black Patent Super Wallis Mary Janes and would definitely consider paying the extra $$.
  13. well according to the sweet sa Elizabeth at the horaito boutique, yes, anyone can order as long as they pay the 30% mark-up
  14. Kirie, I just saw a pair of black patent super wallis on eBay currently , hope they are your size :smile:
  15. Kamilla, I feel you on the very prive w/ gold tip not doing it for you as much as the one w/ the burgandy tip. That is partially why I have not worn mine b/c I'm hoping the burgandy tip comes again. lol I too have thought about special ordering it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE any Louboutin nude and do think the VP w/ the gold tip is hot, but for some reason I just really want them with the burgandy tip!

    If you decide to special order them, let me know b/c I was thinking about it too. Maybe our odds of getting it will be higher if there are 2 orders vs. 1. LOL