In Search of This Bag

  1. Anyone see this bag in either white or black anywhere? It is from last season so I know it will be a challenge.

    Bottega.jpg aniston bottega 2.jpg
  2. You could try emailing Ana from the BV website. She has helped quite a few locate older items.
  3. I thought one was on eBay a few days ago but cannot find it right now.
    Maybe it will come back.
    Goodluck, that is one gorgeous bag.
  4. I love the bag that Jennifer Aniston has worn too.:love:
    I did recently email Anna at BV about it and she wrote back saying it's no longer available.:s
  5. aww, I just got in contact with her and she said she would be checking for me.

    Thank you for all you input.
  6. someone at one of the bv boutiques in florida told me a couple years ago that the bag could be special ordered and it cost arround $2000. when she told me that the bag is made of leather and raffia and is on the small side i decided i couldn't order it sight unseen.
  7. I think I saw this exact style on eBay... You can do a search if you can't find one in boutiques.
  8. laf724 - i'm not trying to be mean - but did you start this thread to *bump* your own auction?

    Since the photo you posted is taken directly from an auction that is currently running, then um.... you've found one...

    So why would you start this thread unless you were promoting hype for your own auction?

    Please let us know if this is not the case........
  9. You couldn't be further from the truth. I found that bag but prefer not to purchase it from ebay and reached out to this blog for help.

    You can research the seller should have have a problem with it and you can also apologize at any time.
  10. I can vouch for laf724...she has been looking for this bag for a while now, and I discouraged her from buying from eBay due to all the problems, fakes, and stolen photos. She is definitely NOT promoting her own auction.