In search of the undiscovered, unknown and affordable bag...

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  1. I just thought it would be not only cool but very practical to talk about our own personal 'discoveries'
    As I posted in 'Which bag are you carrying today' 409-5102-16.eps.jpg

    KLE-5115-2.jpg , my current bag is not a purse but a tool bag!
    I'm sure we could all post what we consider to be a great bag that's been pretty much hiding in the shadows.
    Everything and anything goes!
    Keep'em coming! :biggrin:
  2. That looks great, prob good for carrying books and other heavey items I wouldn't normally carry in a 'goog' bag.


    I love my silver, Latch shoulder bag by Tanner Krolle which was designed by Quentin Mckay ( TK is a very established Britsh firm). QM now makes his own line, his website is being revamped ATM so I can't show you his beautiful bags. I like most of his stuff but esp the Ball and Claw collection.
  3. ^the color on that is beautiful!
  4. yeah, love it!!!

    and once it gets used, it would look cool too. distressed, etc.
  5. Pretty cool! I can def see it in Vogue as the next It bag soon lol!
  6. Funny how 'IT' bags are born right!
  7. They are being sold right now at Nords I believe but Or isn't bad but I love etsy custom order leather bags. That is a great decadent treat to have a bag designed to your own specifications.