In search of the perfect Zucca

  1. Hi everyone -

    So, I want to complete my collection with a Zucca, as I have always loved the style but the situation was never right to buy one - when the Zucca first came out I was still a student and mad broke - so I wasn't able to buy anything! But now I have the money I can't decide...

    I want to ask all those ladies who have a zucca (or zuccas for that matter) - out of all the prints you have, which print did you think is the most suitable for the zucca? Or which print (non solid) do you think was the most versatile that you would get in a zucca? I do plan on using the bag if I get it (while I collect others... I love the shape and I would love to use it)....

    I know my question is really up in the air - but I do hope to get some feedback from those who have one.......
  2. i saw a citta zucca out in public and it looked AWESOME! that may be difficult to get though.

    i think most prints look pretty good in zucca actually, so, which ever one is your favorite, i think it would be great!

    i like spiaggia in the zucca alot, and also inferno and foresta.

    i actually like adios star too -- i saw a girl with this at a party and it looks great too!

    sorry, i'm not alot of help, am i? :smile:
  3. LOL it was helpful - at least I have not seen as many zuccas as you did...
    I know I don't want to get it in the vacanze just because it is too seasonal (and, i also bought other styles hheehe)....

    well i was just asking this topic out because maybe people might have thought a particular print was really to easy to coordinate with clothes or that it was hard to go with clothes or that a particular print just dosen't look good in a zucca... stuff like that.. that's all...

  4. i only have zuccas in Adios Star and Inferno. i definitely love them a lot! i think a lot of prints look awesome in Zucca, just find the one you like best :smile: i wear my inferno a lot. its kinda like an everyday bag for me. then when im going to places that require me to be less fun with my wardrobe i go with the AS xD
  5. I have one in Tutti. I like it because its pretty neutral and the patten is so big that it doesn't repeat on th front (and I was able to gt one without the characters I don't like. ie. the big girls) I was also thinking transporto for everyday because dirt wouldn't show up as much.
  6. I've always regretted not getting an Adios Star Zucca, I thought that print looked best on that style. I love my Citta Zucca though, probably my favorite of all my bags (& also my first). I think Notte is the best looking solid on the Zucca.

    Just my 2 cents :smile:
  7. Weird, me too!
  8. I have a Zucca in Paradiso & Spiaggia. I think the Zucca can look nice on any print, depending on placement. I think it's awesome with the Trasporto (though I do not have one) because, not much of the print gets cut up like it does with the scenic prints.

    By the way, here are pics my 2 Zuccas if they are any help to you in trying to decide...
  9. I have 2 zuccas; trasporto and vacanze. I have to say, I'm totally in love with my vacanze zucca, the print placement is PERFECT for me and I won't mind rockin' it in the middle of July.

    My Trasporto was my first zucca, and I love it too! It's really hard not to get a good placement with trasporto; there are loads of characters and they're all really cute. It's on a neutral background (grey), with black straps, so it will look good with almost anything. A lot of people thought it was kinda boring, but I appreciate it's simplicity, and it's a lot different than the other prints. I also happen to be a HUGE fan of grey.

    Here are my two zuccas:

    I hope that helped!
  10. thanks for all the input ladies...

    i just don't know if I should get another one in transporto - I already have like 2 transporto bags lol - Gioco and Ciao Ciao - and I might get a campeggio! haha

    OMG I am so insane!
  11. xD! dont you love them? :tup:

  12. When you look at your wardrobe, do you have more blacks or browns? What's the three most dominant colors you have in your closet? Maybe you can choose your print based on what you have in your wardrobe... This is also going to be hard because zucca's in the older prints are harder and harder to come by...

    I only have a zucca in Spiaggia, but I absolutely love it because it has my perfect placement and I love the colors.
  13. I say Lamore, though you'll have to shell out for it. It has the tan straps, so it is kind of neutral, but it also has fun colors.
  14. I still want a Tutti zucca... I think? but, I have a BV so it might be redundant (sp?)
  15. My favorites are my Pirata and Paradiso Zuccas. I thought I would loooove my L'Amore Zucca, but I haven't been using it much.

    I'm after a Vacanze Zucca (saw one with adorable placement after it was sold) and a Spiaggia Zucca. :p