In search of the perfect blue...

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  1. #1 Jul 13, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2009
    I really want a blue birkin..........I find blue jean too bright even though it is a stunning look. I am looking at Blue de Prusse, Blue Abyss, and Indigo. I love blue brighton but they dont seem to make it anymore. Anything I am missing? Is it me or do blue de prusse and blue abyss look alike?
  2. i have been obsessing over blues also-my photos in the reference thread can attest to that. i think you are right in noticing the similarity between blue abyss and blue de prusse. i have a blue de prusse kelly and will likely bring it in to h to compare to the swatch for blue abyss-but not for a little bit. can't tempt myself right now;) blue brighton is quite nice, has more of a fashion edge than indigo or blue de prusse. if you want classic i would lean toward the other darker blues. i just love, love, love blues! any and all of them.

  3. i wonder what the difference is between the two B de P and Bleu Abyss?
  4. Not sure if they still make Thalassa Blue, I keep seeing items in it but haven't seen a bag for awhile.
    Here is my Birkin in Thalassa Blue Chamonix, the first picture without the flash is a more true reflection of the real colour

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  5. #5 Jul 13, 2009
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    wow:nuts: its deeper than blue jean...i like that
  6. Yes thats why I bought it, I prefer it to Blue Jean but it still works as quite a good neutral.
  7. thalassa is a beauty also- my pup sits in my thalassa clemence 35 birkin in my avatar- i have seen thalassa in tadelakt lately.
    by the way he was not happy!
  8. once i do the comparison i will certainly report back- i will do that probably the 24th/25th of this month!
  9. I love Thalassa blue and I have a 40 HAC in Clemence. I don't see it very often, perhaps in a Kelly once in a while.

    I have to agree that BdP and Bleu Abysse seem very similar.

    I adore Indigo, but realize that it is very dark and is not for everyone. I think it is an incredibly sophisticated shade that is almost black.
  10. I recently saw a "L" stamp 35cm Thalassa Blue Birkin in Epsom at my local H store but it was sold promptly after that sighting.
  11. I have indigo and that is very dark but I love it! I have had brighton which is nice but my fav is bleu de prusse! Gorgeous color IMO!!
  12. i have an indigo in VL and the color is lighter as compared to togo. Its very pretty, changes colors outside and inside the house
  13. I do think BdP and Bleu Abysse look alike, but I've only seen Abysse is swatches in not on a bag. I really like the look of BdP - it's my favorite blue
  14. Ms Birkin, the Thalassa Blue is stunning! :nuts:
  15. Can you tell I adore Blue de Prusse?


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