In search of the "next perfect" Picotin...

  1. Although planning your next Birkin or Kelly purchase is always very pleasant and fantasizing about Hermes in general is quite healthy and good for yor face color ;), lately I can not get rid of urge of getting my next perfect Picotin.
    I love this little fellow and feel I will be very happy getting Picotin in particular, no offence to Birkin or Kelly-girl. I have a number of each and no current itch for another (thank God for this tranquility!).
    After going through our fabulous Ref. Thread I found this beautiful picture posted by Vanmiracle (thanks a lot!). The specs are: Picotn PM bicolor. Could you please, our lovely experts tell me if it is Ebene Barenia with Vert Clair (?). I might be nearly color-blind at this point.
    I'm thinking about violet, cyclamen or raisin for the secondary color.
    Also, do you think it is currently possible to SO Barenia Picotin MM or even larger? What would be the estimate price?
    ALL of your opinions on another leathers/colors, etc. will be greatly appreciated :flowers:
    Thank you!
  2. I saw a beautiful Picotin (PM I think) in the summer, it was sober neutral etoupe clemence on the outside but rose shocking pink on the inside, the combination was fabulous.

    I've fallen quite hard for the PM Picotin in dark brown Barenia.

    I have one Picotin, MM size in gold clemence, I would love another Picotin but it would have to contrast with the one I have so I would probably go for the smaller size in Barenia leather, either the dark brown or possibly deep navy (?Indigo)

    Here's my baby:

  3. I love Picotin's, too and that picture is one I have drooled over, also. I would love to own that bag!!


    allaboutnice: Your Picotin is gorgy, too!!
  4. Thank you allaboutnice :smile:, your Gold MM clemence is cute and elegant at the same time. That's what I like about Picotin's. And MM is very good size and for many occasions, too.
    Oooh, Navy or Indigo(!):drool: in Barenia. Great suggestion. Something to keep in mind along with dark brown/ebene color.
    I have a shoulder Birkin in etoupe with rose shocking and love her. She is a "larger size" beauty. You can hardly notice the rose shocking when it's closed but it's nice to look at.
    The contrast color is more noticeable in Picotin's.
  5. Kallie Girl, thank you for your company :smile:. You made the pic large and I, too :drool: again. Isn't it something? Am I right about it being Ebene Barenia w/vert clair? I would really appreciate if someone told us the specs. I do want SO this bag in MM. I'm :love:
  6. What would be the latest price for MM Picotin and in Barenia particularly? Have you seen MM in Barenia lately? For me, hm...size matters :upsidedown:
  7. A neutral outside with Rose Shocking inside. OMG!!
    I would love to see this combo:drool: I would not be able to contain myself:nuts:
  8. I don't know the most recent price, but I think the colors are ebene barenia w/ Vert Anis -- I really have not seen Vert Clair much and there have been picotins trimmed w/ V.A. recently --it's a lovely combo.
    BTW -- your shoulder birkin sounds divine -- I love etoupe w/ R.S.

  9. I desperately wanted the MM Picotin in Barenia. My boutique did an international search and said I could have Barenia in a PM size or another leather in an MM size, but there were no examples of an MM Barenia Picotin to be found...Of course, YMMV, but that's what I was told approximately 2 months ago.

    The price of the Barenia Picotin PM that I nabbed was $1775. I would have rather had the larger size, but every single time I pick up those yummy handles I know it was worth taking in a less than optimal size, just to get it in my leather preference.

    Good luck with the hunt!
  10. Hi gga,

    I wonder with the recent ampt up production of Barenia if there will be additional larger Picotins available.... *crossing fingers*....
  11. Hi I know that Royal Exchange in London did have the ebene barenia picotin PM in stock.
  12. I love that dual color purple and green one!! :smile:
  13. K_B ... I think you are talking about Ebene Barenia and not purple.. it really has an amazing sheen to it and take on color in a great way.
  14. I am sure AuthenticLux has a lovely Barenia MM, actually she also has a Barenia HAC as well!! Such lovely bags!x
  15. Wouldn't that be fantastic...From your crossed fingers to the leather gods' ears!

    When my boutique agreed to try and place a barenia bag order at podium in Feb., (although not giving me much hope of acceptance) I took heart that maybe barenia was making a tiny comeback. I still think of the passed-over 30 cm with a whimper...