In search of the MAB with black & black stamp

  1. I just received my first MAB with black & black basketweave last night and i am thrilled!~ i love this bag~ the size is perfect and its lighter than my bal and chloes~ so yes i am officially a RM follower~

    so i have seen the b/b stamp before on blue heaven boutique and now i am kicking myself for not getting it when i could~ i am desperately wanthing that bag! i don't care if its the regular size or the mini~ I JUST WANT THAT BAG! i know there are still a few black with blue stamps around but its just not appealing to me~

    if anyone sees the black with black~ please let me know! thanks a million! :tup:
  2. ^Ahh yes! A new RM convert/recruit!

    I will keep my eyes peeled for you k?
  3. thanks gung :p