In search of the Cloudy Bundle E/W or hobo bag

  1. I saw the post about the black E/W and olive N/S but I'm trying to locate an E/W tote or hobo bag in white, olive (dark beige), or coral (salmon color). Pls LMK if you spot one somewhere in the US. TIA!!
  2. haha this really a good idea for you? ;)

    (sorry im home sick today so i havent been on AIM much--i know, i know, i asked where you are and then i disappeared)

    the coral color would be so yummy and pretty...not to eat but you know how soft and cuddl-iable cloudy bundles can be =)
  3. ya i sooo regret not getting it when i saw it over a year ago. at least if i can find it in the hobo style i won't be violating my one bag per style only rule :p.
  4. The Saks in Troy, MI has the E/W tote in the olive color. I also saw the white hobo at NM in downtown Chicago last month, it might still be there. Good luck.
  5. I don't think it is still at NM Chicago, I was there about a week and a half ago. I may have missed it, but I think I would have seen it cuz I looked at the White Expandable flap. The Cloudy Bundle looks very soft and cuddly. Never seen one IRL.... It's always worth a call. I think Cliff is the SA I talked to there, seemed OK. Otherwise call Cecil at NM Northbrook, IL. He has found me all but one, the PNY.....And he is a hoot!! So sweet!
    Good luck!
  6. thanks ladies, i'll call in the morning and see if i can get lucky. would really be great to find one at Saks so that i can use my egc there!
  7. hobo in black at NM San Antonio
  8. yahhh hopefully you can find it at saks--i think i love buying from them cos you get points, no tax and the egc cards =)

    ill let you know if i see anything at my local saks, chanel or NM =)
  9. the saks in beachwood, ohio had a bunch last time i checked (including the hobo and the e/w tote in khaki). ask for chris, he's a sweetheart!
  10. Hi Larkie,

    I'll be going to a bunch of Chanel counters this weekend around Southern CA (it's my pre-birthday weekend!). I'll let you know if I see any of those Cloudy Bundle bags.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  11. thanks ladies for your tips! you are all wonderful enablers and my addiction loves you! i located a beige (aka white) e/w to replace my n/s that's going to a friend. i'll give chris in ohio a call as i'd still kill for the salmon or dark olive hobo.

    stephanie, big early bday hug for you!! :heart:
  12. Thank you Larkie! :smile:

  13. Nm has the hobo in the beige or black. Call Stacey she showed them to me when I asked what else there was with similar coloring to the dark white bubble quilt and the beige is pretty close. I went with the bubble quilt. Her # is 610.637.1429. Hope she can find it for you.