In search of Stella - help needed

  1. Please help! I am in search of a Stella. I would prefer a new Stella, but am not sure how likely I am to find one. Any advice on where to look. I am watching one of eBay, but wasn't sure if there was anywhere else to find a new Stella. I would prefer a dark color, but know that I really can't be too picky in this situation. Any help is much appreciated. TIA!
  2. You might want to try any Off Saks or NM Last Call. They usually sell past season items at those outlets. :smile:
  3. my best idea is eBay.... there's a dark blue stella on eBay currently. i haven't looked at it closely regarding authenticity.
  4. I agree, I think ebay may be your only hope. Stella is a popular style and MJ no longer produces it. Outlets may no longer have them either. If you see one on ebay that you like, feel free to post in the "Auth this" thread; the girls there will be happy to help.
  5. Thanks. I figured ( and feared ) that eBay might be my only option. I keep having this daydream of some department store finding a box in the back of a store room that miraculously has all of my dream bags that I missed out on the first go 'round! :blush: It makes me feel better, and I can usually spend a good 20 minutes on my dream scenario!
  6. Duh. I forgot the reason I was posting! Is there another bag in the MJ line that is similar in size and style to the Stella? I just love how it's a large, soft tote and can be worn casually or used for work. Any thoughts or ideas on something that I can find new would be appreciated! I am thisclose to taking my friend's black Stella! :p
  7. Hmm.... are you looking for double strap or single strap? I've noticed a lot of people who like the Stella are drawn the the Deborah bag that is new this season. Unfortunately, there aren't any bags that I know of that are as big as Stella.
  8. Thanks, thithi. I tried on the deborah, but she's a bit small for me. I really need a big bag! as I troll ebay, consignment stores and outlets for a stella, I purchased a black m by mj bag to keep me company. it's the one in the attached picture, but in black. I feel a little better. thanks for the stella info. if it's meant to be, I'll find her!
  9. ^ that's a great bag! Very similar to the Stella. From what I remember, there isn't anything currently that is has dimensions similar to Stella.

    Good luck finding your bag!
  10. I am sure I will find something soon. I am loving my new mbmj bag right now. it's great for every day, and it's roomy without being too big. I have been calling around to mj stores and different outlets just to see what's out there. It's like that play with Marlon Brando ... "Stella! Stellaaaaa!" :p Anyway, I may settle on a large MP if I see a good deal. Thanks!
  11. surlygirl -- I was just going to say, I was DEAD SET on a Stella, but I ended up with a large MP instead! I love her. :heart: She's the perfect size/shape. I love the outer pockets; easy access to my Metro card, iPod, and cellphone, and I can fit SO MUCH in the main compartment! Last week I had my wallet, a checkbook, a water bottle, a snack, a scarf, and an umbrella stuffed in there, with room to spare!
  12. Need the help again, ladies. I am debating grabbing one of the berry Venetias or large MPs that are popping up at Nordstrom Racks. Should I grab one of these or hold out for my dream bag, Stella? My fear is that as soon as I spend $500 on one of the berry bags, I will see a Stella on eBay or somewhere else. I don't want to go thru the hassle of returning, and I don't want to go too bag crazy so early in the year! What should I do? Berry MJ now or wait for the much coveted Stella? Thanks! If anyone can post more pics of their MPs and Venetias that would be great! TIA.
  13. I wish we could all ban together and create a petition or something to bring back Stella! (With silver hardware, if I had a vote)

  14. Why settle? If your dream bag is a Stella, then wait for one to come around. Stella is my personal fave (besides my satchel) MJ bag of all MJ bags. :smile: